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10 Skateboarders Generation Z Missed Out On!

by Ruben Najera

Before Street League and the constant barrage of daily internet video parts, there existed a time not to far off were you actually had to pop a DVD or now ancient VHS tape into a device called a VCR to get your fix of skateboard visuals. The following individuals probably still shred on their skateboard but to today’s generation they are not household names although in my opinion they totally should be! Here are a few epic skateboarders in no particular order that I dearly miss in the spotlight and you can thank me later !

1. Corey Sheppard

Corey oozed style like no other. In fact he’s a true artist in real life so perhaps he interpreted his art style into his skating ability. This is the man that really inspired me to take varial and 360 flips to another level. His execution on them was as precise as a finishing touch on a Van Gogh.
Watch the video in the link below.
Corey Sheppard-What If part


2. Jub

Before Jaws there was a man they called Jub. A man who single handedly made us question if our legs had hidden shock absorbers in them. I don’t think I ever met a single human being that watched his Black Label part without being blown away by his mega story drops. I admit to stacking up picnic after picnic bench creating behemoths of pyramids just to try my hand at being a mini Jub. I’m positive the janitors hated me for it.
Behold. Click below.


3. Jayme Fortune

Mr. Technical is Jayme Fortune or is it the other way around? Jayme had lines for days and some of the best bench skating you ever came across. I always thought it would be cool to see a game of bench skate between Ronnie Creager and Jayme Fortune! Wherever you are Jayme please bless us with another part we miss you dude!


4. Colt Cannon

Colt Cannon was one of the first pro skaters I ever met and man was he a cool dude! Many know him for his khaki pant fetish which I remember not realizing till I watched his video parts clip by clip only to find he really did wear a pair of khakis with every trick. This man was solely responsible for making me skate in Dockers and learning 50-50 grinds. Colt Cannons the best!
Watch the precision trickery below.

Circa- “It’s Time” Part.


5. Sven Kilchenmann

Sven Kilchenmann is an absolute master on a skateboard. Like some sort of black belted ninja with magnets on his feet. Why this guy isn’t a household name today is beyond me but when I first witnessed the onslaught of space age trickery in his “battalion” part I was taken to another world.

Darkstar -“Battalion” Part.


6. Josh Kasper

The original go big skater in my eyes. Dude Ollied a massive gap off a huge drop over a DJ to a techno song! Seriously! I remember keeping a cutout of an Osiris ad of it on my binder that I took to school. Josh at the time also Ollied what was the largest set of stairs ever at the time. (Pre El Toro).

Osiris “The Storm” Part


7. Kanten Russell

Kanten gives back to the skate community so much! Many of the beautiful street plazas and skateparks around you that you skate are thanks to this man right here! If you didn’t know now you know! Kanten Russell rips on a skateboard and the beat in the following part will have you humming it long after the parts over to!

Osiris “The Storm” Part


8. Josh Evin

An amazing skateboarder that we lost way to soon. Josh Evin flew higher than anyone else out there. He skated fast and with determination head on at Mach 3 speeds. Sadly we lost him but you can pay respects by watching this part and remembering what a great and fantastic skateboarder he was!


9. Danny Gonzalez

Danny retired from skateboarding a few years ago which was sad because he was so innovative that I knew he had more in him left. Every video part of his will have you rewinding the footage guaranteed at one time or another. From 360 flip tail grabs to one footed nose manuals the fresh take on skateboarding was always there. Enjoy originality!

Globe “Opinion” Part


10. Pancho Moler

Now a famous actor but former pro skateboarder. I remember having arguments with friends about who was the better mini boarder Wee Man or Pancho? For me Pancho was my dude his raw street style was unhindered and unrestricted by his height. In fact it only made most tricks look 10 times better when he did them. Every flip trick he did basically looked like slow-motion. If you haven’t seen Panchos skate reel part watch it below. We can only hope for another Pancho part only time will tell.



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