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As seen on the cover of the January 2016 Thrasher magazine, the largest set of stairs ever ollied in history is in the books. Aaron “Jaws” Homoki has conquered the Lyon 25 stair in France. And yes, we mean the one that Ali Boulala attempted in the Flip video.

I have a vivid memory of watching that for the first time and even though Ali didn’t land it.  The bail was epic enough to make it feel somewhat like a land if that makes any sense based on how huge it was.

In the recent interview of Thrasher with Homoki he states that it is without a doubt the biggest thing he’s ever ollied and this is saying a lot coming from Jaws.

Ali Boulala was also present the multiple times that Homoki attempted it, and stated that Homoki wore pads on his elbows and knees plus thick insoles.


In truth wouldn’t we all have geared up when jumping down from a skyscraper of stairs like this?


Our bodies can only take so much and we DO have limits. The true point of this article is to bring up the question of what is next? Seriously though think about where skateboarding is going we all knew it was inevitable.


We as skateboarders all have this drive to progress, but at a certain point, where do we go?

When we first witnessed Ali’s attempts at the 25 stair many years ago it just seemed like that was the limit. It seemed like the human body couldn’t go beyond that much impact. Jaws just destroyed that thought or “myth.”


I have always been a fan of Jaws skateboarding if you ever met him in person you would see how stoked and passionate he is about his skating. He deserves all the great things happening for him right now and I know he’s not done yet.



If the Leap Of Faith drop in San Diego was still around Jaws would get it first try probably!


Jaws also did a kickflip melon down El Toro 20 stair in Lake Forest, California. There are many rumors of other tricks having gone down that 20 stairs and at the level that skateboarding is right now I know we will see a day when someone 360 flips a 20 stair. The question is who? And the question of when may come sooner than you think.

I leave you with an Aaron “Jaws” Homoki ollie compilation video!


We could do a video of biggest ollies ever done by different skateboarders but let’s be honest Jaws is the supreme ruler at this point and even his “smaller” ollies are bigger than what we used to think was the biggest ollie of all time a few years ago.