Skateboard Lesson Gift Card (1.25 Hour, Private Lesson)




One 1-on-1 lesson with a Certified Go Skate Pro (anywhere in America) for 1.25 hour.

-Pick any pro on our website, any public skatepark, and almost any schedule.
-This is valid for all levels, ages 4 and up.
-Valid for over 5,134 Certified Instructors in USA, UK or Canada. Find a pro at

Your gift card is valid to be redeemed anytime in 18 months.

Beginner skateboarders are typically taught:
-How to push, how to turn, and how to stop.
-Safety and parts of a skateboard.
-Basic skateboard knowledge.

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Lesson options

1 lesson of 2.25 hours, 1 lesson of 45 minutes and $97 Online Course Acces