Phoenix Am is a legendary contest that is a not only a tradition in Arizona but a staple in the skateboard industry in general. Every year the biggest brands on earth and the best am skateboarders in the world gather in the desert to skate one of the most important skateboard contests there is. This contest makes the careers of many who win it and its one of the best venues for an aspiring pro skateboarder to make their dreams become a reality. It is commonplace for sponsors at Phoenix Am to reach out to many of the elite riders entered in the contest and offer them a position on their skateboard teams. The long list of now professional skateboarders that once have won or skated in Phoenix Am is astounding. Ben Hatchell, Diego Najera, Matt Berger, Theotis Beasley, Aaron Homoki, Trevor Colden, Boo Johnson, Louie Lopez and the list goes on and on. The east coast has Tampa Am but on the West Coast Phoenix Am is thee contest to enter for sure. In regards to the uniqueness of this contest I would say the heat takes out a lot of competitors who may not normally be used to skateboarding in such conditions. I grew up in a desert city so I always thrived skateboarding in the warmer settings but I could see how the blazing sun could drain some competitors. Staying hydrated is key and not burning yourself out before your actual runs is at hand is vital. Trent and Laura from Cowtown who run Phoenix Am are absolutely some of the coolest nicest people ever and they have a wonderful tradition going with Phoenix Am. It is that time of the year again and coming Saturday March 25th and Sunday 26th the 16th annual Phoenix Am will be happening and if your anywhere near Arizona you won’t want to miss it. Great skateboarding, giveaways, good vibes and an unforgettable skateboard experience is guaranteed for you.  I leave you now with some highlights from past Phoenix Am contests. And don’t forget to check out their website