“Original,Fresh and Exciting” New brand categories in the world of Skateboarding.

Skateboarding tends to have the same pattern decade after decade in regards to the hardgoods and softgoods markets. Boards, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, footwear are all staple categories in the skateboard industry but we are in the dawn of a new age. Whether it’s the capabilities to shoot entire videos from the comfort of your own cellular phone or the advantages of next day shipping product to your door our world and economy have greatly changed and here are a 3 cool brands bringing some fresh new products into our market which you should keep an eye out for and support.


Skateboard wax is not a new concept to skateboarding obviously, in fact, its one of the original staple of brand categories dating back to the early days of skateboarding. Throughout the years I recall using everything from moms candles to Wendy’s paper cups back decades ago when they were lined with wax! Literally, anything I could get my hands on I would use to wax up the old dry curb. But what Skate Balm does is takes an old concept and adds some sexy into it. First off they solve the issue with the wax straight up melting on you with that chapstick like packaging which is extremely convenient. And secondly the colors and packaging catch your eye instantly for a nice clean presentation. Fits right in your pocket and is there when you need it Skate Balms pretty cool. Check them out



2. SKIDMARK SM1 & SM2 smartphone fisheye and wide angle lens

Yup how cool is this a fisheye lens for your smartphone and not just any lens but an actual legit one? This bad boy looks better than my old century optics I used on my Sony VX back in the day yet it’s for my iPhone! Seriously how cool is that plus the quality in the glass is amazing and they offer a whole handle kit, cases, replacement glass and a bunch of other parts to back your lens. Their SM1 lens with the case can be obtained for only $50.00 so there’s officially no excuse to not getting some dope footage out in the streets now! You don’t even have to drop cash on that expensive DSLR you have almost everything you need to produce some quality looking skateboard footage!

3. SKATEBOX skateboard subscription

By far the best deal in skateboarding and the most innovative and convenient of all the brands out there right now is without a doubt SKATEBOX skateboard subscription. Seriously this brand is changing the industry right now. For all our fellow skateboarders living out in the middle of nowhere or snowed in stuck skateboarding their garage in the cold winter months, SKATEBOX provides a subscription service where you get monthly skateboard product delivered directly to your door for only $29.99 or even less if you subscribe for 3 months or more! This brand is a becoming a lifesaver for many skateboarders out there. Everything from bearings, wheels, skate DVDs, wax, and literally, anything you can think of gets loaded into your box monthly. Getting these boxes in the mail is a fantastic feeling and for those young skaters who want to feel what its like to be sponsored this is a cool way to get that feeling of what its like. For longtime subscribers they get boards and how could you not be hyped getting a box every month it’s just another cool thing to look forward to in life. Plus that element of surprise of getting some products introduced to you for the first time or possibly getting something you never knew you needed but now got to have all the time. Skatebox offers the best deal in skateboarding and there are a few companies trying to mock the same type of business now but SKATEBOX is the original. Try it out and add some more positivity to your life!

Subscribe today! www.skateboxgear.com