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Introducing our online school, Trick Tutor.

It has been featured throughout the web as one of the most popular skate schools. Our online programs have been viewed over 4,000,000 times! Join our community of learners online!

Whether you have never stepped on a skateboard or you need some brushing up, this program is the PERFECT course for you! The Go Skate System teaches you everything from the ground up, and that starts with that transportation system. Here is The Foundation we start you with:

How To Push, Turn, Stop, Balance, and Everything You Need To Safely Ride Your Board

After that, we go over some balance-building exercises, equipment, ramp skating, and tricks. The purpose of this course is to take you from beginner skills to teaching you some of the pro tricks in as little time as possible.

Your Coach

Plus Special, Guest Pros!

Rob Dunfey, Founder


Rob Dunfey is the owner and founder of Go Skate School – one of the largest skate schools in the country. His instruction has been seen on NBC, FOX,, and He is a professional skateboarder who competed in the BOE Nationals. He was hired by the government of Ireland as a skateboard expert. He is an avid street, ramp, and flat ground skater.

52+ Video Modules, 5.5+ Hours of Content, and Discussion Boards

Trick Tutor Ebook

Our 86 page Guide supplements our video course to provide clear instruction via text with photos of tricks and foot placement diagrams. The diagrams are CRUCIAL to your learn and show you exactly where to put your feet for each exercise and trick. It will show you how to have optimal balance and what “Danger Zones” to avoid.


SECTION 1: Getting Started – 25:55 (running time)
How to Skateboard – Getting Started with Pushing
The Two Types of Turns
Finding Out if You’re Goofy or Regular
Three Ways to Stop
How to Tic Tac
Your First Trick
Where to Skate: Finding Skate Parks & Spots
Transportation Quiz

SECTION 2:Equipment Essentials – 28:13 (running time)
Overview of the Skateboard Parts
How to Pick the Right Board, Pads, & Helmet
What to Wear
Should I get a Longboard or Regular Skateboard?
Sizes of Wheels and Skateboards
More Detailed Overview of the Parts of a Skateboard
How to Apply Grip to a Skateboard
How to Clean and Remove Bearings
Equipment Quiz

SECTION 3:More on Transportation – 4:46 (running time)
How to Go Off Curbs
How to Get a Running Start on a Skateboard

SECTION 4:Trick Tutor Ebook – 84 Pages
Trick Tutor Ebook- Foot Diagram, and Descriptive Ebook
84 pages

SECTION 5:Mindset & Motivation – 3:37 (running time)
Motivational Skate Part
Proper Mindset

SECTION 6:Exercises – 14:17 (running time)beginnerexersmall
Balance Builder #1
Balance Builder Exercise #2
Fakie 180 Turn Exercise
Ollie Building Exercise #1
Ollie Building Exercise #2

SECTION 7:Ramp Skills – 8:33 (running time)
How to Ride a Ramp on Skateboard
How to Ride a Ramp to Fakie
How to Kickturn (Turn on a Ramp)
How to Drop In on a Ramp
Ramp Quiz

SECTION 8:Tricks – 44:49 (running time)beginnertricksmall
How to Land More Tricks
How to Manual & Nose Manual
How To Ollie Higher – Trick Tip Video
Another Look at the Ollie

How to 180 Ollie
Pop Shuvit
How to Nollie
360 Flip
Overview of all Skateboard Tricks
Trick Quiz

SECTION 9:Grinds and Slides – 12:18 (running time)
Example of What can be Done with Grinds
How to Noseslide
How to Tailslide
Example of What can be Done with Tailslides
Grinds and Slides Quiz

SECTION 10: Freestyle Skateboarding – 3:57 (running time)
Freestyle Moves and Tricks
The Acid Drop Move

SECTION 11:Course Wrap-Up – 2:22 (running time)
Final Quiz
Final Video

SECTION 12: Bonus – 3:51 (running time)
Pro Skateboarders Section
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Features 12+ Foot Placement Diagrams!



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