Makaha Bowl Jam at Combi


Combi has been host to many world class events and it may very well perhaps be the most recognizable skate bowl in the world. So much skateboard history has taken place within the doors of the Vans Skatepark in Orange, Ca. From the Protec Pool party to the most recent Makaha Bowl Jam that took place this past weekend. The Makaha Bowl jam is a wonderful charity skate event/ contest in which your entry fee was just two cans of food which are donated for an amazing cause feeding the needy through Westside food bank. Positive skateboarders doing positive things for the community. Legendary announcer Dave Duncan held it down with the microphone and there were age divisions from both women and men divisions as well as various age groups all leading up to the final jam on the world famous “Combi” bowl. Some amazing skateboarding went down winner of the girls division was 13 year old Jordan Santana.

Winner of the boys division was 9 year old Henrique Ryuji who came all the way out from Brazil. Henrique was amazing doing full mctwists back to back and showed amazing consistency. He reminded of me of a young Bob Burnquist the pace, the stance and ability to pull every trick with style and finesse. And in the advanced finals we saw victory from 16 year old Matthew Wilcox who was blasting out of the combi pool like a rocket. Matthew deservedly took the gold in the contest without question. The event was an amazing experience and I look forward to checking it out next year. Shoutout to the legendary Curt Stevenson for making this positive event a reality. Some amazing skateboarding in one of the gnarliest bowls in the earth. On a last note whilst being at the event I couldn’t help but be blown away by the size of the middle channel penninsla transfer that Pedro Barros pulled in a best trick contest there last year. I will leave you all with that mind blowing trick!