I want to make it clear that the following article is not influenced by working and being an instructor for for the past decade. This is not biased praise just because I work for them but they truly are a great company and I have always been thankful for all the connections they have gotten me throughout the years. Perhaps the greatest part about being a skateboard instructor has been the pure joy of seeing your student progress to become an absolutely amazing skateboarder. Words cannot explain the amount of inspiration and mass amounts of motivation that my students have bestowed upon me. Even after skateboarding for over 20 years I find my biggest influences to be from my students. I swear to see them ollie over their first skateboard or manual right past me with ease is 10 times more gratifying than it ever was when I first landed those things myself. It keeps me young regardless of how much older I become and it makes me truly see how absolutely amazing skateboarding will be in the future with this new generation of absolutely talented skateboarders on the rise. Skateboarding is such a positive and beautiful thing, seriously there is nothing else truly like it on earth. Go to any skateboard park and you’ll find the youngest little rippers alongside 40+-year-olds all shredding at the same time enjoying the same common practice all at once. I could travel across the world internationally not speak a word of Japanese and still be able to make friends with skateboarders over there solely based on our common practice SKATEBOARDING! It is absolutely incredible. I encourage you the reader to be a motivator and a positive role model in your community and extend a few words at your local skatepark or skate spot the next time you see some fellow skateboarders or even family members that want to get into skateboarding. We are all a tight knit community and should help raise each other and keep skateboarding a positive hobby or lifestyle. Whether it’s helping a young skater correct his mongo push for the first time or hooking up a fellow shredder at a park with your spare used board when you see has just snapped his. We all have the ability to make a positive impact and rise up our community of skateboarding and skateboarders. And knowing that you could not only get that amazing feeling of landing a new trick on your own for the first time but to be equally as stoked to witness someone around you land something for their first time as well. Skateboarding is a wonderful gift that keeps giving. The saying “Skate Or Die” I feel is not so accurate in today’s world. I like how “LIVE TO SKATE” sounds better! Peace and Positivity!