What a Jerk! Guy Ollies on to a Porsche

What the heck!?! These kids could not be prouder that their buddy Skateboarded down the HOOD of a Porsche in the middle of a city!

Some people wonder why skateboarders sometimes have a bad reputation! This Porsche was just sitting there minding its own business until some punk decides to ollie off of it! There’s no way that this stunt didn’t damage the car, and when the owner comes back and finds the damage, there is nobody to take the blame! We hope that this video ending up on GoSkate ends up in someone finding out who this jerk is!

The Reaction:
The street watchers had their jaws drop.

Actually, the owner is the Skateboarder, 23 year-old Tyler The Creator, a best-selling rap artist. He debut at third on the Billboard 200 charts selling 90,000 copies his first week in 2011. The stereotypes had by-passers thinking he was defacing someone else’s car!




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