Is it Okay to Wear Shorts When You Skateboard?

In the above video, Rob explains the key differences between skating in shorts and jeans.

The Case Against Shorts

Most skateboarders don’t wear shorts. The clothing of choice is predominantly jeans. Most skateboarders choose not to wear shorts, because the board could easily come up and bruise or cut. It it usually worse if you are skating street or doing flip tricks. If you are going to skate street, pants/jeans will give you better protection. If you are very concerned about bruises, you can wear long socks under your jeans for two layers of protections

But wait, just to confuse you…

The Case For Shorts

The summer months can make skating in pants a drag. Also, who wants to put knee pads over pants? Talk about uncomfortable! If you are planning to skate ramps, you should wear knee pads and shorts. You won’t have a high chance of hitting your shins anyways. Street skating is a different story– You can can in shorts, but it is imperative that you wear a pair of think, long socks. These should cover your shins. Generally, we recommend pants for street skating.

Do You Have Enough Shin Protection?

This is what it comes down to. You ought to pick up a pair of thick, socks that cover at least 50% of your shin. The higher the sock, the more protection you will have. It is important to have this protection if you are wearing shorts. It is also possible to wear long socks, like this, underneath your jeans.


Reasons Spelled Out

-Yes, Because summers can be hot.
-Yes, Because you’re skating vert or not doing many flip tricks.
-Yes, Because you need to wear knee pads.

-No, Because you are street skating and doing flip tricks
-No, Because you are concerned you may look like a fool with high socks.
-No, Because you aren’t wearing pads
-No, Because you want the protection of pants.

It’s a Sock Thing

These socks are too short:


These socks are definitely big enough:

aa_sock_royal blue

But, Here’s Why You Don’t Wear Shorts

Did You Figure it Out?

There’s not a straight – yes or no answer. Take into consideration the above advice. Wearing shorts should be conditional on the weather and what you plan on skating.


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