LA’s Finest Skate Shop, ‘Kingswell,’ by DJ Chavez + Patrick Melcher

A retail space combining the loves of professional skateboarding, artistic integrity, tattoo and fine art, the community of like minded and adventurousness

Published on: October, 13, 2015
By Go Skate

Kingswell Address:
4651 Kingswell Ave
Los Angeles, California

Phone: +1 323-522-3028

Hours: 11-7 pm, Daily

1. What is your name and background in skateboarding?

DJ. Chavez. Grew up skateboarding in Albuquerque NM and moved to LA in 2002 to turn am/pro. Retired in late 2000’s and went into the industry side of skateboarding.

2. How did the shop get started?

It was based off an idea of trying to create something different in SoCal skateboarding retail. To put a specific focus on brands that where not represented in our market and to add a twist to our retail market by adding the tattoo aspect to retail.

3. Where did the name come from?

I wish I could say that it was some brilliant name that we conjured up but in all actuality it came from the street that we are located on. Ha!

4. What makes KINGSWELL different?

I would have to first say the tattoo shop is a very different aspect to skate retail. After that I’d say the art-shows and brand release party’s we do most every month.
Then in skate it would be the amazing underdog brands that we support that most other shops don’t take the chance on.
I wouldn’t say we are doing anything extremely different, we’re just trying to support those who are doing something different.

5. Why have you decided not to get into selling scooter part and accessories as other shops have?

Because that dose not support skateboarding!!!
Those products and trends are supported by major dollar corporations that see action sports and skateboarding specifically are now “cool” with the youth. They see this and know for a fact that can make a fuckload of $$$ by making shit products overseas for peanuts and supporting wildfire trends like extreme razor scooters.
In turn what that does is takes money away from our already struggling market especially core skate shops.
Point being, if a shop is buying into and selling that shit it only means that they are in it for the money for themselves. Not the longevity of skateboarding as a whole.
If your shop is on that bandwagon… walk out and find something new.


6. With big brands, like Nike and Adidas, getting into skateboarding, do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?

I guess this relates to that last question about big corporations dipping into the new “cool” skateboard market.
It’s a fine line to walk considering my heart is placed into a more core skate marketplace but we do carry some of those bigger name brands.
It’s a good and bad thing I suppose depending on how you look at it.
Good being that those companies are showing support for our industry in many different ways.
Bad being that I know they will be the first to walk away when shit hits the fan.
I guess we just have to wait until skateboarding dies again? Ha.

7. What do you think about the battle between chain mall stores and local skate shops?

It’s not a battle. They are fucking winning! Not the war. But the battle for sure.
They are the same people from the above mentioned questions. Big business corporations that are not here for us. They are here for the money in our market.
Core brick and mortar shops will always drive skateboarding no fucking questions!
The shitty thing is that these mall/chain stores have buying power to give better deals than us stand alone stores do. What I mean by that is, they have enough money to buy insane amounts of product from the skate distributors and are rewarded for their buying power with a discount on product which in turn gives them much better margins.
It’s a bummer to say but the brands you see heavily represented in those mall/chain stores are the main reason our small core shops are dying.

8. How can people find out more about you? Any closing shout outs?

The inter web dude! Haha! @kingswell_losfeliz

Support local and thank you skateboarding.

Kingswell Address:
4651 Kingswell Ave
Los Angeles, California

Phone: +1 323-522-3028

Hours: 11-7 pm, Daily

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