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I’ve been around for years beem through alot skateboarding, broken bones and also had someone help me along the way so ive learned steps of how to teach and i will not let you give up !

Washington, DC, USA

Isaiah has been skating for 9 years and has completed countless lessons. He is very skilled and loves to see people grow and fall in love with skateboarding the same way he has. He prefers lessons in DC but most places that are metro accessible, HE WILL BE THERE! Isaiah can teach anywhere from begginer to advanced classes.

Washington, DC 20036, USA
Washington, DC 20005, USA

Mike is a great “down to earth”. Skateboarding is his passion and loves to influence and teach others “the way of the board”. Mike knows the process of skateboarding and is very patient with others on sharing this process. 

Shaw Skate Park, 11th Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States

I’ve given lessons before at Shaw Skatepark. The most advanced I can get with teaching is actually teaching the student how to really control the board in a perception of knowing how the board works and the mechanics rather than just doing the trick.

Washington, DC 20010, USA

I have given lessons before but I am very passionate about skating and I know that I am good at what I can do. I love the feeling of giving knowledge of what I can do to others. The most advanced tricks that i am able to do are nollie big flip kick flip heel flip ollie and all pop shove its.

Washington, DC 20011, USA

Franklin has helped his friends learn tricks. He could teach how to skate flatground ledges Ramps rails and how to grind rails an ledges downs stairs and across gaps an a lot more. He can also teach anything from basic tricks like dropping in kick turning and Ollie to advanced tricks like Kickflip, Pop Shove It, 360 Shove Its, etc.

Washington, DC 20011, USA

Joseph have helped less advanced kids learn how to skate better and focused mainly in safety and simple tricks. He can teach simple flat ground from ollies, kickflips to 360 flips big flips front or backside 360s. He enjoys teaching and watching people grow in doing what they love.

Washington, DC 20011, USA

Aivlys taught a few kids at Shaw Skatepark over a summer. He has taught them a few basic flip tricks and grinds (kickflip heelflip front and back 50-50s and 5-0s) as well as basic transition tricks. Years of skating experience has taught him so much which he thinks of giving it back and passing his acquired skills with someone who has the same passion as he does.

Washington, DC 20011, USA

I’ve given lessons for a skate camp “”X Camp”” I have also done private lessons on the side. I’ve been skating for several years and has a lot of tricks to offer and teach.

Arlington, VA 22207, USA