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; Pop Shove-It Shove-It Ollie Heel-Flip Kick-Flip Double Kick-Flip Early Grabs Dropping In Rolling In Nollie 360 Shove-Its Nollie Pop Shove-It Nollie Shove-It Reverts 360 Reverts Fakey Ollie Fakey Kick-Flip Fakey Heel-Flip Fakey 360 Shove-It Front-Side Shove-It Fakey Front-Side Shove-It Fakey Half Cabs

Shelbyville, TN 37160, USA

I’ve helped friend but not really full lessons

Murfreesboro, TN 37128, USA

I used to have a skate team and

Spring Hill, TN 37174, USA

I was employed by the Brentwood YMCA for close to 2 years my job title was Youth Staff but I was the skatepark attendant. I was personally selected to become their own skateboarding instructor in 2009 after placing 2nd place advanced in their own annual skatepark competition. I was paid double my hourly rate when giving lessons to entry level beginners mainly but I am able to teach everything from technical flip tricks manual grinds grabs and transition ramp skating (transition is my specialty)

Spring Hill, TN 37174, USA

I have indeed given lessons before some of the tricks I know are the majority of flip tricks some quarterpipe/ mini ramp tricks ramp tricks and of course rail and ledge tricks!

Spring Hill, TN 37174, USA