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I’m always teaching people how to skate at the skateparks that I go too. Some parents bring there kids to the park and if I see them struggling on a trick I will see if they want my help. The parents thank me afterwards. I’m very patient and I like to hype the kids up if I see them getting closer and closer to the trick. I do this out of my own kindness. It’s just a natural thing for me to help anyone in need with skateboarding.

San Diego, CA, USA

Jake has 3 years experience working as the lead skateboard camp counselor at the Kroc Center in El Cajon. He has a great passion for skateboarding which he also finds a lot of reward in teaching other kids how to skateboard that he feels is unmatched. Jake has a competitive and honest attitude that has driven him to work hard and promote skateboarding growth within all the organizations he has been a part of. Jake can be found giving skateboard lessons at Memorial Skatepark, YMCA Skatepark, Paradise Hills Skate Park, Washington Street Skate Park and he’s also willing to come to the students location or at their house to take them through the beginner lessons before they can move to the local skate park for a bit more advanced lessons with the ramps and grinds or slides.

San Diego, CA 92101, USA

I’ve taught lessons in the past to kids 6 years old and up, all with great report. I’ve been skating for nearly 15 years and have skated all terrain. I’ve been told I’ve got a very positive attitude and I have a good time teaching/skateboarding.

2919 Ivy St, San Diego, CA 92104, USA

I have always had a passion for skateboarding & have been skating the majority of my life. It’s something I do because I love it and enjoy sharing it. I have the ability to teach all ages considering I often teach my own 3 year old daughter & have taught adults as well as teenagers. I would be a great instructor for you because I am able to teach you in a step-by-step detailed manner without the hassle because this is not just a job for me , it’s a true passion to be on a board and share that with you and yours . 


-Teaching for a couple years for Go Skate
-Excellent feedback

San Diego, CA 92113, USA

Danny has been skating for over 7 years now and during that time he has given lessons to both kids and adults. Danny knows how to do basic stuff such as Ollies,fakie kickturn, manual and tic tac moves to more novice and advanced tricks such as 360 kick flips and carving transitions. He does not mind working with beginners or anyone who is willing to learn anything concerning skateboarding and as long as they have the interest he’s always willing to teach. Danny can travel around 20 to 25 miles to give skateboard lessons either at San Diego area skateboard parks or at clients house to start and then they can later move on to the skate park.

San Diego, CA 92105, USA

Joseph has taught family and friends from young nephews to friends his age. He enjoys doing tricks like ollie and switch tricks but he also enjoys doing other tricks such as the bigspins and hardflips the most as they are fun but not too hard to teach.

He lives in San Diego and he also enjoys working with both adults and children as long as the student is willing to learn, he is also willing to impart the knowledge that he has about skateboarding and also give safety precaution since he believes in safety as being very key while learning how to become a skateboarder.

Joseph has been a skateboarder for about 4 years and during this time he has gotten to know all about the ins and outs concerning skateboarding. He mostly enjoys working with kids since they tend to learn to faster and are usually a lot more motivated considering most of the kids who want learn skateboarding usually look up to stars like Tony Hawk and they are much eager to learn anything concerning Skateboarding.

Joseph can be found giving lessons at various skate parks within San Diego and he is also willing to travel within a distance of 20 to 25 miles to provide lessons to anyone who is interested.

San Diego, CA 92108, USA

Hurvey hails from Dekalb IL but also happens to be one of the most talented instructors in the country.  He was the Camp Director for over eight years at Lake Owen Skate Camp , Camp Director for three years at Goskate camp, and he has also selected as one of 5,000 instructors to teach Go Skate’s camp in Northern Ireland UK.

Hurvey owns a skateboard company called, Prophecy and he is well-known in San Diego and throughout the nation. He has a special way of gaining rapport with young skaters and has experience teaching which is always a fun experience for everyone who has ever worked with him or has taken lessons from him.

If his resume wasn’t enough for you, maybe knowing he competed in the World Facial Hair Championship will win you over! 🙂 Hurvey has sponsors such as Hoodlum Skateboards, Power Shoes, Lake Owen Skate Camp, Warp Skatepark just to mention a few.

San Diego, CA 92108, USA

I have skateboarded over 8 years.  I’ve given lessons through the years.  I’ve helped people learn how to skate and taught them tricks. I’ve also pushed people to get over their fears when it comes to things such as gaps stairs and hand rails.More advanced tricks i could teach are nollie tre flips lazer flips ghetto birds back side lip slides switch 360 ollies ollie impossibles hard flips frontside flips etc…

San Diego, CA 92107, USA

Describe your skill level in skateboarding: Advanced and Experienced in training
How long have you skated for? 30 years

I have been giving lessons through Cowtown skateboards and for over 10 years. I can teach all basic flip tricks, Kickflip, heelflip, backside frontside etc.. well rounded transition skills including grinds airs hand plants etc.

8th Place
Cowtown’s Union Hills Classic Adv/spon , Jan 2014



San Diego, CA 92107, USA

I have given lessons at Woodward West Skatecamp over the summer and I can teach kids how to tre flip back tail nollie heel fronside/backside flips hardflip frontside/backside airs grabs etc.

Certified Skate Instructor in San Diego!

San Diego, CA 92115, USA