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Jerry has given lessons to almost all levels in skateboarding from beginners finding their stance to advanced skaters learning nose manual nollie flips.

He could teach basic flat ground transitions manual pads flat bars gaps half pipes bowls slides airs flips grabs and spins. Also I can teach skatepark etiquette safety stretching and ways to make skateboarding as much fun for them as it is for me.


Portland, OR 97201, USA

Love to skate and teach others my technique!

Portland, OR 97201, USA

Female Skate Instructor! She teaches both boys and girls.

April has given lessons to friends, kids, neices and nephews. She skates mostly flat ground banks parking blocks 2-3 stairs and ledges.

Tricks she can teach are Ollies fakie ollies 180’s Shov-its 360 Shov-its casper’s flamingo’s bonelesses no-comply’s half cabs kickflips laybacks burtlemans. On transition I have axle stalls 50-50 grinds tail stalls layback grinds bonelesses sweepers bean to tailslides, etc.

She is patient and is great in dealing with kids.

Portland, OR 97232, USA

Justin has been teaching skateboarding for a few years now. He has worked for Go Skate where he went through certification and the 5-step Screening Process.

Justin did teach skateboard lessons to teenage boys whom he took to skateparks about 3 days a week. He wants to teach the beginners that skateboarding is all about having fun. He wants to teach them that getting comfortable with their board first really helps them get better down the line. Knowing how to properly push turn kick turn and come to a stop.

He would usually give pointers to anyone who wants to gain more experience because a lot of kids want to rush into big tricks before they really learn the basics. He simply wants to teach that skating is something fun and a sport to be patient with.

Portland, OR 97232, USA

Mike has worked for Woodward West as a coach for two summers and teach a variety of camps for the Portland YMCA now. He helped less advanced kids learn how to skate better whether it be riding or doing flip tricks or grinds or dropping in on the ramps. He enjoys teaching and watching people grow in doing what they love.

Some of my favorite tricks that are advanced are krooked grinds feeble grinds heelflip5-0 & 50-50 lazer flips 360 kickflips nollie bigspin heelflip backside bigspin kickflip nollie inward heel and many others.

Portland, OR 97206, USA

Brandon, a certified Go Skate instructor and currently teaches in D-Block Indoor Skatepark, has taught a range of kids from their very first push to their very first Ollie. Being a confident and experienced skateboarder, his trick list is very wide and varied which has given me the knowledge to teach any advanced trick that the person would like to learn.


Portland, OR 97206, USA

I have been skating for seven years I have skated lots of skateparks and skated all of Portland. I also moved from florida and skated everything there to. I am good at street but also good at tranny my go to tricks are bs bigspins and bs boneless and many more! I truly love skateboarding and everything it brings with it. I have taught kids in the past just because they were at the skatepark when I was so I have experience. skateboarding has always brought me happiness every since I first stepped on a skateboard I hope I can give your kids or yourself the gift of how to ride a skateboard and so you can enjoy it so much just like so may other people do!

Portland, OR 97219, USA

Lucas taught skaters mainly focusing on building comfort, creativity on the board and enjoying the sport all at the same time.

He can teach simple flat ground from ollies, kickflips to 360 flips big flips front or backside 360s. Rail tricks front and backside 50/50, 5-0 nosegrind, smith feeble, krooked tail slide, bluntslide and he can do all of these 180 out and on ledges too but he prefers to always start with the safety tips.

Portland, OR 97218, USA

Mike has taught beginner/intermediate skating for inner-city/neighborhood youth at the DIY park we built in his neighborhood in Boston as part of SkateJamPlain, a non-profit org he was trying to start along with some other local skaters in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. This later became “Extension” a non-profit program of which he was a board member of) in conjunction with Orchard Skateshop. Both programs involve skate camps/lessons community relations getting boards in to the hands of inner city youth and working to build skate spots/dots around the city. While he is not the greatest skater anymore (at 40), he still know HOW to do the tricks and many of the people I have skated with from beginners to pros heed his advice and instruction when trying to land a certain trick. For Search and Destroy a New England version of Thrasher’s King of the Road, he was team “skate coach” 5 years running. He also have worked as a case manager for over 7 years working primarily with at-risk youth in both Boston (at Youth on Fire) and now in Portland (at Outside In).


Portland, OR 97266, USA

Ian has worked at Windells for the past five years as a skateboard instructor. He is great with kids and taught pretty much everything. He can do tricks from Flips, to grinds, manuals, etc..

He can work well with people of all ages races and genders.


Portland, OR 97266, USA