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I am a 24 year old advanced skater from Philadelphia with 17 years of experience in skateboarding, two years experience in teaching.

I started teaching at Miles Mack Community center and traveled to different rec centers and summer camps to give lessons. I have made it my life’s work to learn and grow as I keep skating so that I may help others reach the same level of skill and enjoyment. I was able to become a better skateboarder through persistence and motivation and being able to share that energy with newer skaters is a blessing.
With the right encouragement and time I can help anyone reach their goal on and off the of board.
Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA

Robert did teach skateboard to teenage boys and novice whom he meets at parks. He teaches them in getting comfortable with their board first, which is a priority for him, that will help them get better down the line. Also knowing how to properly push turn kick turn and come to a stop. He has been skating for 9 years now.

Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA

Gustavo has given lessons for skateboarding before. He taught first time friends to ride a longboards/skateboards teaching at their pace so that they can understand the fundamentals of skating. He can teach tricks like powerslides pogos ollies oldschool flips etc. He teaches naturally and is very patient especially with kids.

Philadelphia, PA 19121, USA

I brought my cousins up in skating. I can teach how to flow in the bowls the basic flip tricks and shove its to then fakie tricks nollie tricks 3 shuvs in all ways (except switch) switch and nollie heels are of my favorites but i think most of all its important to teach flow style good pop once you get those basics then you can build on to spins flips shuvs grinds slides stalls.

Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA

I can do most tricks in every stance. I skate stairs, rails, ledges, flat ground, boxes, ramps. Skateboarding in my passion and love to see progression. I can explain how to do something 1 and a million ways. I’m very patient and friendly.

Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA

Cole has worked at The Skate Park of Tampa as a summer camp volunteer. He had taught plenty of people flatground street tricks of novice/intermediate difficulty powerslides and downhill basics park maneuvers. He can teach from basic skills, to intermediate all the way to advanced. He can teach many tricks (i.e. Laser Flip Backside Lip Slide Tranny etc.)

Philadelphia, PA 19142, USA

Deheaven has taught lessons before at a local skate park but purely for fun. After skateboarding for several years, he understands the physics of skateboarding and all skateboarding maneuvers. He can teach tre/360 flip up to nollie big heel,anything else was small tweaks at their current level.

Philadelphia, PA 19141, USA

Eric has attended Woodward skate camp for 2 summers where he also gave lessons. Some of the tricks he can teach are dropping in and various tricks on mini ramps like 180 airs blunt stalls disasters grinds. He grew up skating mini ramps.

Some of my favorite tricks that are quite advanced is krooked grinds feeble grinds heelflip5-0 & 50-50 lazer flips 360 kickflips nollie bigspin heelflip backside bigspin kickflip nollie inward heel and many other tricks

Merchantville, NJ 08109, USA

Andrew has been giving lessons to friends, family members and kids at the park as a hobby. More than a decade of skating experience has taught him so much which he thinks of giving it back and passing his acquired skills with someone who has the same passion as he does.

Kickflip into backside grinds/slides, backside smiths, backside tails, blunt slides switch and nollie grinds and slides are just a few tricks he learned and mastered.

Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA

Tim has always been a ADVOCATE FOR NEW SKATERS have helped many learn the basics and progress to the next level. He can teach anything from more pop to almost any flip variation. He is big believer of 90%-mental 10%-physical composition for a skater to be successful.


Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA