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As someone who has been passionate about skateboarding, and an avid learner himself, Bernie values the opportunity to impart the same skill and enthusiasm on to others. Over the course of those nine years he’s taught others and picked up some traits that make him a good instructor. His experience includes teaching all age groups, from kids as young as eight to a young woman just starting to learn at nineteen. His students have valued his patience, determination and dedication. They have his full attention at all times and Bernie works with them to find what works for them and will modify tricks as needed. For one student he suggested a change to her foot position so that she could achieve an ollie. He encourages them and challenges them but values their safety above all else and never forces someone out of their comfort zone if they’re not ready. There’s no one right way to skate so each challenge is taken in stride.


New York, NY, USA

I gave lessons for 3 years at the Department of Skateboarding in Portland OR. I have a natural teaching ability and is very patient. I can work well with people of all ages races and genders.Variety of nollie flip tricks FS Bluntslide combos BS Tailslide combos variety of older tricks. Transitions – 7′ or less but can drop in and do basic tricks on vert.

Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA

I have given lessons before at the local skatepark helping the younger kids with tricks they wanted to learn and it worked out well because they do them better than I could now. The most advanced tricks I could teach would probably be 360 flips hardflips frontside flips different grind variations and also tons of mini ramp tricks.

Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA

I have over 3 years experience as a skate instructor for GardenSk8 and as a counselor at Camp Woodward. I’m willing to teach any level of trick for all ages. I can teach anything from basic tricks like dropping in kick turning and Ollie to advanced tricks like Kickflip, Pop Shove It, 360 Shove Its, Varial Kickflip, Heel Flip, 360 flip Fakie, Big Spin, No comply boneless, Frontside airs, Blunt, Stall to fakie, 5-0 grind, 50-50 grind, Nose grind Crooked Grind Front or Backside boardslide etc.

Brooklyn, NY 11205, USA

I worked as an instructor at the very well-known KCDC skateshop in New York city last summer. Our students were between 10 and 16 years so I was teaching basic skills like dropping in and ollieing as well as more advanced things like nollie inward heelflips and backside tailslides.

Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA

Ashkahn taught lessons back in Florida when he was still in high school through the skate shop he was sponsored by it was mostly kids (age 9-12). He enjoys teaching and watching people grow in doing what they love. He was able to teach the basics: getting comfortable on your board pushing ollie kickflip various shuv-its.

Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA

Nick is a seasoned skate instructor for Go  He has helped teach private lessons and camps.


Describe your skill level in skateboarding: Advanced
How long have you skated for? Over 9 years
Highest Level of Education: Bachelors Degree
If you earned a college degree, please list the major: Fine Art
What parks/ areas are closest for you to give lessons? Tarrytown
What are some of the most advanced tricks you could teach? I have worked as an instructor for a class of really young kids teaching them how to do things like Ollie and Kickturn

Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA

Julian gave lessons at Division East Skateshop’s Summer Camp (montclairnj). He can teach most street flip tricks and grinds/manuals-ledges, rails & stairs. how to skate a bowl/pumping transition/corners most lip tricks/grinds/airs on a miniramp/quarter-halfpipespine ramptransition hips basics skating vert-ramp

Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA

If your looking for an instructor who will have patience and focus on your child’s progress then Jeffrey is a perfect choice for you. He’s been skating over 5 years now and has been through all types of skating courses . His main skill on the board is his consistent flat ground he has numerous tricks on his arsenal and is glad to patiently walk through any student who is willing to learn them! it isn’t going to be easy and safety always is first. If you want a confident young skateboarder to progress significantly choose Jeffrey.

Brooklyn, NY 11216, USA

I’ve given lessons to children ages 8-13 at Homage TF located on Degraw st in Park Slope Brooklyn. I can teach 360 flips noille flips big spins etc. some switch tricks and a load of grinds.


Describe your skill level in skateboarding: Advanced
How long have you skated for? Over 8 years
Highest Level of Education: High School Diploma

What parks/ areas are closest for you to give lessons? Owl’s skate park and/or 51’s skate park located in Park Slope.

Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA