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I have taught many people in the past before. I’ve taught basic fundamentals of balancing on the board pushing and turning. I can teach how to ollie and the right practice drills to progress in the fastest way possible. The most advanced tricks I can teach are the heelflip inward heelflip varial flip 360 shove-it nollie and fakie 360 shove it and others. I also know various other tricks that are easy to learn and easy to make them look stylish to give beginning skaters a feeling of accomplishment. I can teach how to become advanced at the transportation of skateboarding by teaching how to stop get onto curbs and ledges without stepping off your board or doing any tricks riding off curbs etc.

El Mirage, AZ 85335, USA

Daywan gave lessons to younger skaters whe available and whe possible. His 15-year experience gave him the chance to be join competitions and ride with the Pros.

Surprise, AZ 85379, USA

Adrian has given lessons at Sk8 Asylum in Meza, AZ before. He can teach a good number of tricks.

He is good with kids in giving them advise and tips to be a more proficient skater.

Adrian skates regularly and is very experienced.

Phoenix, AZ 85043, USA

Alexander would like to be the guy who would help the local kids stuck on the deck looking nervous (Skater etiquette). He want to teach them that getting comfortable with their board first really helps them get better down the line.

A few tricks he can do are drop-ins pumping pushing stance fliptrick fundmentals. flatbars handrails A-frame Kinks Transition balance posture aiming gaps/stairs ledge pop-outsswitch stance Switch push Switch balance Switch/Nollie pop

Glendale, AZ 85302, USA

Joseph has taught kids/beginners to backside 50-50 standing grind in pool with pool coping.

Also taught females to carve as well as backside rock and rolls and bean plant tails in bowls all higher then 5feet transition.

He can work well with people of all skill levels, ages and genders.



Phoenix, AZ 85017, USA

Matt has taught his friends and peers how to skate, also helped some of my friends start off skating. He mostly likes to ride the bowls could help people learn to ride and how to turn in the bowls.

He can do an ollie kickflip varial flip 180 rock n roll rock to fakie axel stall 5-0 stall revert to rock boardslide 50-50.

He is easy to get along with, can work really well with younger kids have a lot of patience.

Ideally, he would like to help skaters who are just starting off skating.

Glendale, AZ 85306, USA


Kyle has taught many skaters mainly focusing on building comfort and creativity on the board. He plans to teach skaters to be consistent and comfortable through positive feedback constructive criticism and repetition.

He is extremely patient and have work experience.

He can teach Bigspin back disaster foot plants 3shoves fakie full cabs kickflips fakie flips fakie 3shove. Nolie front big.

Phoenix, AZ 85029, USA

Being that he is vastly experienced then he definitely finds it a lot more easier to teach basic tricks more comfortably than the less experienced instructors.

Zach can teach the basics of how to ollie basic flip tricks (pop shuv-it kickflip heelflip BS/FS 180s).
He also enjoy riding pools and would be able to teach people how to drop in and carve some lines.

Phoenix, AZ 85021, USA

Victor have given lessons to his younger brother and a few friends on how to land certain tricks, both basic and advanced.

He enjoys teaching kids the basics such as Ollies first then getting them ready to learn their Fakie switch and Nollie. Then from there, he would teach them how to ride transition.

Victor would like to give pointers also to anyone who has more experience because a lot of kids want to rush into big tricks before they really learn the basics or fundamentals.



Phoenix, AZ 85021, USA

My main trick is an amazing miller back flip that nobody else can do

Surprise, AZ 85387, USA