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My name is Aaron W., I started showing
an interest in skateboarding at a young age, that was over 15 years ago. I really enjoy teaching and helping other progress as skateboarders. It brings me great joy to see young minds that are so determined to learn and progress. I like to think of myself as a well-rounded skateboarder that has a lot to offer as a teacher.   

Houston, TX, USA

Ive been skating now for 35 years. I grew up in Houston skating whatever we could find. My father was a skater also in the 70’s Skating in Spring Branch at a place called Skateboard City on Bingle. That’s where I caught the Skateboarding bug. I also loved skating EZ-7 and the Meat Grinder in Oak Forest. As I got older I loved skating Downtown Houston, street skating was the thing in the early 90’s. Now I’m much older I’m a father of three boys 17,12,and 4. I’ve taught them all how to skate and surf. I love giving to anyone wanting to learn. For most once you have that feeling of balance and rolling on a board the freedom of going where ever the concrete takes you, YOUR HOOKED!

I look forward to meeting you!
Houston, TX 77002, USA

Sen used to give lessons at Linkwood park years ago before it closed. He’s currently being sponsored by Select(see footy link from IG). He can do pretty much most tricks also good at tranny. He has a wide range of skills and tricks that he can teach- a certified skate instructor.

Houston, TX 77019, USA

Feliciano has been teaching beginners in skateboarding for fun. A well-rounded skater and can do pretty much all the tricks known like: switch 50-50 nollie 50-50 switch backside and frontside 180 nollie backside and frontside 180 switch pop shove-it to 50-50 switch backside noseslide nollie frontside and backside noseslide nollie shove to manual and switch shove rewind.

Houston, TX 77008, USA

Leo has taught many kids to skate out of his own will. He can teach kids about control and building confidence In their own style and also teach them about impact and how to land all tricks. He have learned from watching and doing. He have hung out with major pros and have observed what they do and how they get ready. I can teach kids how to focus and have fun at the same time

Houston, TX 77021, USA

Adam used to work at YMCA Skatepark. He could teach them how to drop in how to push and maintain they’re balance, also how to Ollie kick flip rock to fakie axle stall and also how to manover through bowls and skate mini ramps and all kinds of stuff.

Houston, TX 77023, USA

Jimmy, a skateboard veteran of many years, enjoys teaching little kids how to do stuff when he is around at parks. He once taught his buddy, and now skates like a pro and as of the same level as he is. He takes pleasure in teaching and watching people grow in doing what they love.

Houston, TX 77025, USA

Eric’s apartment complex has a skate park, where he spends most of his time, and is ideal in doing beginner lessons. He would teach young kids around his neighborhood when he was growing up. Eric has known various tricks and is a certified skate instructor.

Houston, TX 77063, USA

Frankie is a Go Skate Certified Instructor. He loves teaching skateboard lessons. He is originally from Houston – born and raised. He loves to share his knowledge of skateboarding.

Frankie bio: My name is Frankie. I live and work in Houston. I been skating since 2003 quit a day since I started.

13551 Lew Briggs Rd, Houston, TX 77047, USA

Elijah-a certified Go Skate Instructor, has given countless lessons over the past 13 years and is also partially responsible for the skatepark at Memorial park in Pasadena. He can skate anything from handrails to pools to half pipes etc. i can do all kinds of flip tricks grabs grinds etc. He perfect for this job and would love to do this.

Pasadena, TX 77506, USA