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I have several years in skateboarding lessons. I ran a skateboarding park at a camp every summer of 2009-12.I can teach basically every fundamental and advanced trick in skateboarding you name it kickflip 360 flip heelflip nollie and switch tricks etc.

Since then, Devvon has been teaching private lessons for Go Skate.

Fort Worth, TX 76107, USA

Ollie shifty no comply 180’s fs/bs 180 Kickflip Heelflip double kickflip pop shove-it fs shove-it fs flip bs flip varial kickflip varial heelflip nollie varial kick or heel hardflip 360 flip nollie 360 flip fakie 360 flip bigflip fakie bigflip fakie bigger flip hospital flip pressure inward heelflip pressure 360 inward heelflip forward flip impossible front foot impossible back foot flip. fakie or nollie fs/bs halfcab kickflip or heelflip Nollie flip nollie heel fs/bs boardslide fs/bs 50-50 fs/bs 5-0 fs/bs nosegrind fs/bs crooked fs/bs lipslide fs/bs noseslide fs/bs tail/nose slide. fs/bs salad fs/bs feeble grind fs/bs smith grind. fs/bs bluntslide. And lots of grabs. cannonball melon mute indy del mar indy seatbelt air etc.

Fort Worth, TX 76106, USA

I think I’d be a pretty great instructor I have taught my oldest son to skate. I have 2 sons and a daughter I’m used to constantly being with mind sponges I can form to be confident and courageous when necessary! I’m thinking 300 words is a little accessible so I will keep it straight and short with y’all

Haltom City, TX 76117, USA

Describe your skill level in skateboarding: Advanced

How long have you skated for? 10 years

Highest Level of Education: High School Diploma

Ive always helped out my friends and peers with advice on how to get what their after but actually paid lessons. I can teach every trick that i can perform and if i can’t already do iti bet i could learn it then explain how to do it. I can do all of the basic tricks. I also own a very professional mini ramp.

Arlington, TX 76013, USA

Chris is a Go Skate Certified Instructor. He is well-known throughout the Texas skateboard community. As a skate instructor and a father, Chris has gained a lot of experience with teaching kids 13 and under.

Chris is a former competing skateboarder in vert/halfpipe.

Chris works in the financial/investment industry and loves teaching skateboarding as an extra job! He can frequently be found skating the bowls and ramps near Grapevine.

Chris was one of the first instructors for in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area.

North Richland Hills, TX 76182, USA

Dean is a certified, professional skate instructor for Dean has taught hundreds of lessons through the Go Skate Network. He comes with a personal recommendation from the Director of Staffing.

Dean has taught kids how to kickflip, 180 and other basic tricks.

Arlington, TX 76015, USA

Jimmy has given lessons at the Alliance Skatepark. He taught kids ranging from the ages of 6 to 13 years old. He have taught a range of kids from their very first push to their very first Ollie. The most advanced trick he had taught a student were 360 flips backside tail slides kickflip/heelflip 180s 360s etc.

Arlington, TX 76010, USA

. Ollies kick flip ollie large gaps rail slides dropping in half pipes and verts tail slides etc.

Burleson, TX 76028, USA

I also have some experience with kids. I’m very professional and very congenial as well. I like fliptricks like the treflip and I also love messing around with no-comply fingerflips and such.

Describe your skill level in skateboarding: Advanced

What parks/ areas are your favorite to give skate lessons? The public skatepark in Roanoke
Have you ever given lessons before? What are some of the most advanced tricks you could teach? Tre-flips, lots of finger tricks, no comply’s

Southlake, TX 76092, USA

Jacob has taught a range of kids from their very first push to their very first Ollie. Being a confident and experienced skateboarder, his trick list is very wide and includes flips, grinds & slides. Jacob is very passionate with skateboarding which made him a great Go Skate instructor.

Grand Prairie, TX 75052, USA