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Stephanie is a Go Skate Certified Female Pro Teacher.

Describe your skill level in skateboarding: Advanced
How long have you skated for? Over 6 years

Highest Level of Education: High School Diploma

What parks/ areas are your favorite to give lessons? Malden MA

Lesson Style: depending if the student wants to learn to skate street or ramps. i can teach most basics and advanced tricks.

Everett, MA 02149, USA

A responsible, experienced teacher. I’ve been skating for over 15 years and have taught at camps and private lessons. I can teach at all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Skateboarding is a difficult sport but I’m here to help, you will be guaranteed to see results after 3 lessons!

Boston, MA 02114, USA

Michael is one of the best instructors in Boston. He really goes above and beyond with everything he does. His care for the students progress and helping them capture the basics is what separates him from most. He knows how to position himself as a great example for not only skateboarding but key principles for living a fulfilled life. Book with Michael TODAY!

The Passion In You …. IS YOU ! #LoveLife

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Medford, MA 02155, United States

I have given lessons privately and through a shop called Underground which used to be in Boston. I can teach kids basics how to skate vert( mini ramp) and I could teach things like Nollie flip tricks nollie slides and grinds and a variation of fakir flip tricks once students are ready

Cambridge, MA 02142, USA

I’ve been skating for 13 years and at 31 years old I’ve skated with all age groups at a variety of locations. I’ve always encouraged the youth to never give up skating   because skateboarding is such a rewarding and amazing physical activity. I have a 3 year old stepson whom I train to skate on a regular basis. I’ve got a steady job and a Bachelor’s degree and a vehicle and I’m always on time to any job I have to be at. Also safety has always been important no matter what physical activity I engage in especially for new skaters. I love seeing people progress at skateboarding as it reminds me of when I was a kid and started from scratch.


Not packing my bags just yet.

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Boston, MA, United States

Go Skate Certifed Instructor. Justin is a street skateboarder. He is well-known at the East Boston Skatepark.

Prior to teaching for Go Skate, Justin taught for a local skate shop owned. He can teach beginners u to advanced. Advanced would include down stairs or even up an over obstacles.

Describe your skill level in skateboarding: Advanced and Experienced in training
How long have you skated for? since 1990. still daily
Highest Level of Education: High School Diploma

What parks/ areas are your favorite to give lessons? Recently built skatepark behind East Boston Jr high.
Have you ever given lessons before? What are some of the most advanced tricks you could teach? Yes. Under a shop owned by friend.

East Boston, MA 02228, USA

I’ve been skateboarding for a little over 6 years now and it is one of the best things I’ve done. I’m currently a student at Salem state university with hopes of becoming a high school teacher. I have experience in a classroom setting and experience skateboarding so it is a perfect situation.

Winthrop, MA 02152, USA

I have worked at Waterville Valley Skate Camp for several past summers; also taught special needs 12 year old for 2 summers. I’m funny and enthusiastic and often times stoked when anyone learns a trick. I’m extremely patient and have work experience.


I have given lessons on the spot many times through out my years of skateboarding. If I see someone who is really going for a trick or trying to simply ride a ramp but is struggling I’ve had no problem to approach the skater in a complete friendly manner and offer my advice on what I think would help that skater through my own knowledge and of course personal experience. I’ve been skating for a little over 8 years now and I love mastering the basic flatground tricks so in the past other skaters have always walked up to me as well asking for advice and I always share what I know to help any skater also making friendships. I have great experience in teaching the most simplest methods of kickpushing and turning to the more advanced hardflips and 360 flips.

Watertown, MA 02471, USA

want to learn to skateboard? Tyler R can teach you how! He’s great with kids, can do any trick, very patient and kind and willing to help you put in the time! Tyler R has been skateboarding since he was 10! he makes it easy to learn and easy to understand! Some of the tricks you will learn are Ollie, kickflips, pop shuvits and more!

Woburn, MA, United States