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Born in California, many of David’s
friends growing up knew how to skate.
When he moved to the Chicagoland area at age eight, he had nobody to
skate with!  Most friends were not
interested nor were they ever introduced to skateboarding and were probably
told by their parents it’s too dangerous.

About 10 years ago he bought his
first longboard and absolutely fell in loved for the cruisability factor.
  He then got another, and then some more-
David wanted to try out all the different shapes and lengths and wheel sizes to
learn the difference of feel under his feet.

Eventually his creative side took over and he began carving wood and
building his own decks from scratch; because what he wanted did not exist.

Now that David has a fleet of
boards, one for just about any situation; his friends started taking interest
and finally wanted to learn.
  He began
giving lessons to friends who now have their own boards and are cruising the
streets and bike paths of Chicago with confidence.

David’s meticulous instructional
skills have proven to get people kicking, carving and pumping quickly.

In addition to teaching a strong
foundation for the basics, he also has a wide spread of boards you can try.
  The smallest being only 15” to 9’ 6”
  From experience David has found the
larger and heavier the board the better to learn with because it’s more stable
under your feet, way less jerky and provides the ultimate smooth ride with the
added flexibility of the long wood and large wheels.
  Drop deck boards are also great, providing a
lower center of gravity; easier on one’s squat leg and better balance while

With David’s patience and will to
open the world of skating to more people, he will safely teach you a solid
foundation that will enable you to take the sport in any direction your heart and
wheels desire. 

Chicago, IL, USA

I have taught friends ho to ollie and give tips for more advanced tricks. 360 flip crooks bs tailslide shuvit

Chicago, IL 60607, USA

I have given lessons. I am originally from Richmond VA and was sponsored by a local skate shop named Dominion Skateboards. I can teach beginner through advanced. Stairs and handrails would probably be my most advanced skill set. (The link I posted above is decent footage but kind of throw away footage from last summer. I have more on a disk I could make a copy of and send to you.)

Chicago, IL 60642, USA

I have shared my love of skateboarding since day one. I have shared techniques and helped people learn not sure if I “taught” them though. I have done mural projects with kids in my past. I am mostly a park skater these days so I lean towards transition skating in my knees golden age. I tend towards a lot of fs and bs ROCK-N-ROLL slides Smith and Monty grinds fsafs alley oop air bsa bsa aoop invert body jar grinds love some grinds I’m not super tech but I can share how to grind the majority of lip:)

Chicago, IL 60642, USA

I have taught many younger kids even kids my friends thatbare my age. I can do lots of flat ground tricks not many in switch but very wide variety of tricks. I can teach how to drop in skate rails and many flat ground tricks. I love skateboarding and is my main source of keeping me happy and keeps me fit.

Chicago, IL 60290, USA

I worked as an instructor at the very well-known KCDC skateshop in New York city last summer. Our students were between 10 and 16 years so I was teaching basic skills like dropping in and ollieing as well as more advanced things like nollie inward heelflips and backside tailslides.

Chicago, IL 60657, USA

Andy G. is a highly acclaimed skate instructor in Chicago.

His skateboard lessons have received glowing reviews.

Describe your skill level in skateboarding: Advanced
How long have you skated for? Over 12 years
Highest Level of Education: Some College
If you earned a college degree, please list the major:
Footage or Photos Links (Highly Recommended):
What parks/ areas are closest for you to give lessons? Logan Square
Have you ever given lessons before? What are some of the most advanced tricks you could teach? I currently do teach skaters and able to teach handplants, handstands on a board while moving of course, one foot fake pop shove, change name to it unknown, old school, and vert.

Chicago, IL 60647, USA

For some reason or another the kids at the skatepark always approach me and ask me to show them something. The list of tricks and things I have shown people include but not limited to; set up thier boards tighten or loosen trucks for comfortably ride Ollie how to pump properly kick turns pop shuvits kickflip 180s 360 flip 50-50 grinds how to drop in. Etc

Chicago, IL 60651, USA

I have given lessons to family and friends in the past year. I have taught them how to be balanced while skating along with turning while pushing and cruising. I have been able to teach the Ollie Manuals Pop Shove-Its Kickflips 180 50/50 and 5-0. I would love to teach my skills to others.

Skokie, IL 60076, USA

I have given lessons to close friends and family and random skateboarders at the skateparks. I can teach the basic kickflip/heelflip (regular fakie switch nollie) varial kick/heelflips (regular fakie switch nollie) 360 flips pop shove its 180s. I can also teach grinds and quarter pipe tricks.

Summit, IL 60501, USA