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I have been skating for over 10 years I do it for the love and I can do the basics Tto advanced tricks and whatnot so yea if you want to learn how to ollie or trey flip I’m your guy. I have been doing skateboard lessons for kids, adults and young adults so I am confident that I can help you move forward with your skateboarding and you will take advantage of any lessons that you purchase and that I teach you.

San Jose, CA 95113, USA

Have you ever had to scream at your son saying “Get off the darn video games and go outside and play” Well I can understand what it feels like. Although I’m not a parent, I remember when I use to sit and play Xbox all day. One day I picked up a scooter and the rest became history. With almost 5 years of riding Scooters I am truly inspired to see the sport grow And with your son we can both help grow the scooter scene with his potential talent. With the years I been riding I strongly understand what dedication is and how to obtain success in the sport. I was never into the fame it could get me but I was mostly concerned in whether I can land the trick that  I’ve been trying for an hour. I would always hit up the skatepark and I was worried that I wasn’t gonna be able to post any clips for the 500 followers that I have had on Instagram. I can teach anywhere in New Jersey and anywhere in New York City. I accept all ages and anyone whether theywant to learn how to do basic tricksOr simply learn how to ride a scooter. Feel free to ********** whenever. Thank you!!
Elizabeth, NJ 07202, USA

Hello! My name is Brendan and I am a skater From Millbrae California. I Practically grew up at Millbrae skatepark, and know everyone who comes through. I’ve been teaching kids the basics of skateboarding for two years.

You may be asking why should you pick me. The first reason is i have been skating since i was a little kid and have been through the perils of learning the fundamentals of skateboarding. Now I’m an advanced skater who has mastered the fundamentals.
Millbrae Skate Park, Millbrae Avenue, Millbrae, CA, United States

I’m Patrick, I’m 23 years old, from St. Louis, MO. Currently living in North Miami Beach, FL. I have been skating sense I was twelve years old, and it is my greatest passion in life. I love seeing young kids start skating, learning new tricks, and discovering a love for skateboarding, like I have. I taught lessons at a “summer skate camp,” in St. Louis for the past three years, and am looking to build a client base down here, in Florida. I’m expirienced in training kids at all skill levels. Starting from macking sure your child’s gear is up to par and functioning properly, to teaching grinds and flip tricks.


North Miami Beach, FL, USA

Great people skills, and understand the basic concept of skateboarding

Miami, FL, USA

Eric Dean is an experienced skateboarder from Oxnard California with 12 years of extreme skateboarding under his belt. He has years of history mentoring/instructing children all over the world. Eric also runs a summer surf camp and is a year around surf instructor. So he knows how to be specific, detailed, encouraging and throw his own blend of excitement in a lesson. Eric has a passion for what he does. He expresses how rewarding it is to provide knowledge of the sport to the younger generation. With the proper guidance and hands on training that he can provide there is no telling how far a student can take it. The opportunity is extensive! Eric is without a doubt a substantial teacher for you. With the hard work he has put into skateboarding it has taken him to high places. He has earned the support of many companies in the industry leading to a wide range of sponsorships. If you choose Eric Dean as your instructor only positive can come out of it.

Oxnard, CA, USA

Justin has a huge passion for skateboarding, and that is one of the main reasons why he would be a successful skateboarding instructor. He has 11 years of experience, and would like to keep skating as long as he can. He wishes to share all of the knowledge he has with the community in order to encourage young skaters to pursue the sport. In the 11 years of skating, Justin has learned a lot of lessons that comes with it. He knows exactly what to say when a client is having trouble. He has skated for local skate shops in Las Vegas, NV; one being “FIZZ” skate shop. He has gained an exceptional amount of recognition and experience from riding with this company. FIZZ skate shop not only allowed him to get more recognition as a local skater in Las Vegas, but it also gave him more opportunities to  skateboard. Experience is key when it comes to teaching a child how to skate. It is a lot better to have an experienced trainer than someone who has lack of knowledge and little experience. Justin is currently enrolled at the University of Las Vegas, NV as a full-time student, therefore he is a motivated individual. He is very outgoing and prefers to be outdoors at all times of the day, presumably skating. Lastly, what makes Justin a great skateboarding instructor is his work efficiency and determination. The type of determination and passion Justin brings to the skate park will easily encourage a lot of young kids to gain the desire to land or complete the task they want to on the skateboard. Whether it be something as simple as turning on the board, or riding the board. He is an exceptional motivator and brings a lot of enthusiasm to the park. Justin is skilled on and off the skateboard. An under-looked skill of his is with girls. He is like the Elvis Presley of the African-American race. Girls simply cannot resist his smooth style and perfect body. If Justin is instructing your child, it is almost guaranteed at least 30 girls will be screaming your childs name. If you happen to have a daughter, watch out. 

Las Vegas, NV 89134, USA

Skateboarding is Zach’s passion in life. He spends most of his free time riding a skateboard. He wants to teach you! Skateboarding is not easy. It takes alot of patience and persistance. Zach started skating at a young age and knows what it takes to learn this craft. With his experience, he can help you through the processs. Zach can teach you how to skateboard in your driveway, street, parking lot, skatepark etc. All ages and skill levels are welcome to his lessons!

Cuyahoga Falls, OH, United States

Michael is one of the best instructors in Boston. He really goes above and beyond with everything he does. His care for the students progress and helping them capture the basics is what separates him from most. He knows how to position himself as a great example for not only skateboarding but key principles for living a fulfilled life. Book with Michael TODAY!

The Passion In You …. IS YOU ! #LoveLife

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Medford, MA 02155, United States

Joriearl as a skateboarder likes to have fun when skating and likes to try new and different types of tricks out of the ordinary. He’s really laid back and pretty expressive and encouraging. Anytime you try a trick he literally tells you “come on you got it, right here, land it” Hes always watching what trick you’re about to try. If someone falls hes the first one over there making sure they are okay. Everyday he goes out and skates and has a goal for himself for that day of skating. Doesn’t matter what that goal is as long as he completes it or gets close, hes satisfied with his progression. It took Joriearl a full year to properly learn how to Ollie. Another year just to kickflip. He didn’t give up though, lots of his friends said he was bad but he didn’t care he just wanted to have fun while he skated. Joriearl never gave up on skating and now to this day he has learn how to hard flip, 360 flip, frontside flip, fakie 360 flip, switch front shuv, switch shuv and many more tricks. It doesn’t matter how good you are or not at skateboarding. With time, dedication, and patience you can truly be capable of amazing things and especially with skateboarding just like how Joriearl learned to progress no matter what held him back, he just kept skating.

Raleigh, NC 27612, USA