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Regan is a wonderful instructor who has been skating for nearly 15 years. That being said he has a lot to offer the next generation of skaters. He is incredibly well rounded and has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of skateboarding. Whether you want to learn how to skate transition and ramps, ledges and rails, flatground/flip tricks, or a combination of all of these aspects, Regan will surely get you where you need to be. No matter your level of experience he is happy and excited to work with you. Even when he is not with a student, Regan often finds himself in situations where he is teaching a fellow skater something new on their board; teaching has become one of his favorite things about skateboarding. Regan finds great joy and contentment in passing on the amazing feelings that come with conquering a new trick or obstacle. He is equally as invested in your progress as you are. Aside from possessing a complete understanding of the technical/ physical act of skateboarding, he has also found skating to be an amazing expressive outlet that greatly assists him in maintaining balance and clarity in all other areas of life.

Fairfax, VA 22031, USA

As someone who has been passionate about skateboarding, and an avid learner himself, Bernie values the opportunity to impart the same skill and enthusiasm on to others. Over the course of those nine years he’s taught others and picked up some traits that make him a good instructor. His experience includes teaching all age groups, from kids as young as eight to a young woman just starting to learn at nineteen. His students have valued his patience, determination and dedication. They have his full attention at all times and Bernie works with them to find what works for them and will modify tricks as needed. For one student he suggested a change to her foot position so that she could achieve an ollie. He encourages them and challenges them but values their safety above all else and never forces someone out of their comfort zone if they’re not ready. There’s no one right way to skate so each challenge is taken in stride.


New York, NY, USA

I’ve been sk8ing for over 30 years. Been coaching on and off for the last 20 years. I’m great with kids and have a great understanding of the physical mechanics and the understanding how muscles memory plays a huge part in Sk8in.  I live to sk8 and want to ensure that the Ethics, and safety of all new mini shreds are taken very seriously. As  well as providing a safe and fun environment to learn in.

Squamish, BC, Canada

James C. is 30 years old and comes to you with over 18 years of skate experience.

Skateboarding is difficult, but James can help you lay a solid foundation to build your own talent upon. He will work with you to create individualized lessons based on your ability and goals. These lessons are perfect for beginner students looking to learn the riding fundamentals and land their first tricks. During lessons you will also learn proper skate park etiquette, terms and trick names, equipment maintenance, how to prevent injury, and (most importantly) how to have fun and progress quickly!

James C. also has over 10 years of elementary education experience and prides himself in being able to build meaningful relationships with students to maximize their potential. Give yourself a huge jump start to your skate career. Go Shred!

Windsor, Colorado

17 Years of experience as a skateboarder. Can instruct and present the necessary knowledge, skills, and tricks/tips in a detailed and progressive fashion: from the most basic start (parts of a skateboard, explanation of parts, and adjustment of said parts for optimal riding experience/safety) to learning more technical maneuvers (ollies, 180’s, flip tricks, grinds, ect.) Great at instructing kids at ages 10 and up on a friendly/personal, yet professional level. Good at instructing students on a case-case basis, based on the students skill level and experience. Prioritizes safety first, as the student progresses from first day skating to learning advanced tricks.

Smithsburg, MD, USA

Teaching kids from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. Have been skateboarding for 6 years and love to teach tricks and skateboards tips. Both street and transition skateboarding. Skateboarding is my life.



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Winnetka, IL 60093, USA

Lets Go SKATEBOARDING!!!!  My name is Shawn,  I’m originally from NYC and I have been skateboarding for over 20 years… No matter what your age,  size or shape,  skateboarding can be a fun and healthy experience. Its all about putting in the time and enjoying yourself..  I have worked with group lessons of children as young as 4 years old, independent teens,  and even adults into their 30s. I focus on safety and the development of individual teaching techniques for each student,  paying attention to their natural learning pace,  and applying lessons that push just enough; giving the student the support and safety that they need to shred. I teach on a beginner to an entry pro-competitive level… If you are trying to learn laser flips down ten stairs, you are probably looking for Sean Malto lol Now LETS GO SKATE!!!!

Denver, CO 80204, USA

 My name is Pedraum Hallaji, I am a sponsored
skateboarder from Greensboro NC. I have been skating for copious years
and I have taught many people the art of skateboarding along the way. My
knowledge of teaching skateboarding started with my little brother, he couldn’t
Ollie at first but after months of my day-to-day help, he learned all the
basics and was jumping down stairs in no time. I am naturally great at teaching
skateboarding, I’ve helped people of all genders and ages. Recently I helped a
girl learn how to drop in on the half pipe at above board, she had only been
skating for a week so I had to hold here to make sure she didn’t fall,
eventually she was comfortable doing it with my guidance and can now drop in on
her own and is getting better and better each day! I guarantee that I can
teach ANYBODY the basics in a short period of time and I also guarantee that
I can teach tricks very quickly (especially younger children) depending on the
persons physicality. I expect my clients to have high expectations of me and I
will do my absolute best to help my students progress with their skateboard. Depending
on the students individual needs, I will undoubtably teach any new or
intermediate skateboarder to the best of my ability, I am open to skatepark
sessions and at-home sessions.

Greensboro, NC, USA

Steve is now offering lessons in Southboro, MA, at the finn middle school skatepark.

Holliston, MA 01746, USA

If your looking for an instructor who will have patience and focus on your child’s progress then Jeffrey is a perfect choice for you. He’s been skating over 5 years now and has been through all types of skating courses . His main skill on the board is his consistent flat ground he has numerous tricks on his arsenal and is glad to patiently walk through any student who is willing to learn them! it isn’t going to be easy and safety always is first. If you want a confident young skateboarder to progress significantly choose Jeffrey.

Brooklyn, NY 11216, USA