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  • Graham started skating at 4 years old, and hasn’t been able to stop since. Understanding the value of hard work paying off, and being immersed into a diverse culture where EVERYONE is accepted is the reasons why this lifestyle has remained magical for him. Pushing your way to work, rolling to school, cruising to a friend’s house, riding the ramps, or shredding a plaza. Does the idea of skateboarding sound like something you want to do? 


    If yes, then go for it! Skateboarding is a gift that never stops giving. The sensation of floating across the pavement, the taste of landing a trick, the gratification of learning something new, moments of connecting with people you might not have ever met, and the satisfaction of an enjoyable work out. These are all beautiful things. Skateboarding is a world consisting of an international community about peace, unity, love, and having fun. Discover its magnificence.


    Skateboarding is not like any other sport. One must not need to be athletic to participate. There is no coach, no uniform, and no scores. The individual has the right and freedom to skate how and how much he or she wants to. Anyone can start at any age, no matter where you live, or no matter what stage in life you are at. The only two rules are to be safe and to have fun. If you respect the skateboard, it will bring you only great feelings, experiences, and opportunities.


    Graham has traveled intercontinentally because of his passion for skateboarding. He has strong appreciation for the art and expression of the hobby, is grateful for anyone who has interest in the game, and has a keen eye for architecture and skate-friendly objects and areas. With an open mind and heart, this man has skated with some of the top famous professionals, and at the same time enjoys meeting a person who has no skate background yet sparks curiosity about the activity.


    If you are looking to find a new outlet to release your energy, and want to have a gigantic smile on your face while doing it, you can not go wrong to give skateboarding a shot. If you already have some years into it, and want to upgrade your skills, this is also your guy. Graham is flexible, patient, kind, friendly, and welcomes children, teens, young adults, and adults. He has several decades of skateboard studying and teaching in his repertoire, the true definition of a skate master.

    Whether it is your first time on a board, or you have several years of practice, don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance. There is no exclusion for anyone who wants to learn. Graham will be happy and excited to share his secret tips, knowledge, and expertise of the craft of skateboarding to whoever wants to try it out. 

    Chicago, IL, USA
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  • Santa Barbara, CA, USA
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  • Cody Willard is a 24 year old skateboarder originally from Ararat, Virginia. He picked up his first board around 11 years old and hasn’t put it down since. The freedom and the endless hidden curriculums that Skateboarding has shown over the years keeps him easily intrigued. For example, skateboarding has taught him to never give up and to always keep pushing no matter what the circumstance may be and for that has always been open to teaching or bringing anyone that is interested into the Skateboarding community. Skateboarding has played a huge role in his life and he’s always excited to share the joy and knowledge that he’s gained over the many years on the board. He can’t wait to meet all the new faces and introduce them to the awesome and fun world of skateboarding.

    Pilot Mountain, NC 27041, USA
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  • This job is perfect for me because I love skating with my whole heart. I try to teach through the fun of skateboarding and share that blessing with my students. Making progress with something you enjoy doing is one of the greatest gifts in life and I’m happy to be able to share that with students finding a passion in skateboarding!

    Lee's Summit, MO, USA
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  • I would be a great instructor for this company for the fact that I have been skating for 6 years, and I am very good with teaching the younger generation of skaters.

    Davison, MI 48423, USA
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  • Itai grew up surfing and skating in orange country and recently moved up to Santa Barbara for college. He has prior experience leading surf lessons and camps as well as teaching family and friends to skate. He’s been skating for over 5 years and he’d love to share my passion for the sport with anyone looking to learn! Contact Itai today and be sure to have a great lesson.

    Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA
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  • I’ve been skating since i was 2 but haven’t actually started learning tricks till i was about 6 or 7. From the people i’ve helped in the past, i have seen them progress more than what they were before. You will get the most out of it. Having a fun time while learning a new trick will always put a smile on your face. I try to make learning as fun and unique as possible. Whether it be from learning to ride to learning your first ollie, i’m here to help.

    Greenville, TX, USA
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  • Yo! Let’s get you on a board and shredding!

    I have been skating my whole life, and still learning myself, that’s the best part about it as you will come to find out! I have taught snowboarding before, and I am teaching my son to skateboard.
    Come check me out!
    Virginia Beach, VA, USA
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  • Yo what’s up I’m johnathan (:  I have a lot of experience w skateboarding . I can teach just about any age any trick . Ima dedicated person w great energy always love to help an teach . I also know what’s comfortable to wear when skating . Wiling to meet for the lessons . Always w a smile (:

    Rialto, CA, USA
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  • A 42 year old skater with 30 years of experience. Learn everything from pushing to ollieing and beyond. Also pick up some life lesson along the way (goal setting, mental and physical discipline, falling down and getting back up!). Flexible availability and fully vaccinated. Let’s skate and create!

    Bloomington, IN, USA
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