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Michael is one of the best instructors in Boston. He really goes above and beyond with everything he does. His care for the students progress and helping them capture the basics is what separates him from most. He knows how to position himself as a great example for not only skateboarding but key principles for living a fulfilled life. Book with Michael TODAY!

The Passion In You …. IS YOU ! #LoveLife

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Medford, MA 02155, United States

Joriearl as a skateboarder likes to have fun when skating and likes to try new and different types of tricks out of the ordinary. He’s really laid back and pretty expressive and encouraging. Anytime you try a trick he literally tells you “come on you got it, right here, land it” Hes always watching what trick you’re about to try. If someone falls hes the first one over there making sure they are okay. Everyday he goes out and skates and has a goal for himself for that day of skating. Doesn’t matter what that goal is as long as he completes it or gets close, hes satisfied with his progression. It took Joriearl a full year to properly learn how to Ollie. Another year just to kickflip. He didn’t give up though, lots of his friends said he was bad but he didn’t care he just wanted to have fun while he skated. Joriearl never gave up on skating and now to this day he has learn how to hard flip, 360 flip, frontside flip, fakie 360 flip, switch front shuv, switch shuv and many more tricks. It doesn’t matter how good you are or not at skateboarding. With time, dedication, and patience you can truly be capable of amazing things and especially with skateboarding just like how Joriearl learned to progress no matter what held him back, he just kept skating.

Raleigh, NC 27612, USA

Skating is my life, and I love teaching skaters’ new tricks
and improving their confidence. Skateboarding has been my passion since I first
started skating at age 10.  Individuals will
learn everything from Vert, Street to Massive Gaps.  I have worked with children and adults
teaching skateboarding lessons, and I have taught countless people secrets that
have helped me and the instructees with new tricks. These secrets can become
yours if you sign up for lessons today. If you are looking for someone outgoing,
super nice and willing to work with any experience levels then ******* at the
number listed above. I am sponsored by Kickback District and Lightning Wax.

Salt Lake City, UT 84129, USA

Zach is a great instructor because he simply loves teaching skateboarding! Growing up in Los Angeles he was around skateboarding and has ridden all types of boards. 10 years of experience from kid to adult gives him special insight that he wants to share with others. Patience and charisma are two of the things you will find in this funny, cool and friendly instructor. 

Venice, CA 90291, USA

Jeremiah has 20 plus years and counting experience. Started at a very young age. Been sponsored filmed video parts. Great with kids. Positive personality. Professional. Skated for Active Temecula, Osiris Shoes, Clive backpacks for seven years. Very comforfatble skating switch. Switch , pop , and skating fast while making it look effortless. Never gives up.

Temecula, CA, USA

I have been skateboarding for over 15 years. I am skilled in all aspects of skateboarding street, ramps etc. safety is always first and I love working with children. It’s very simple, experience does not lie so give it a shot

Redding, CA, United States

I am passionate about skateboarding, I have been skating for 7 years and I want to give back to the community.

Raleigh, NC 27601, USA

Hello I’m Anthony I have been skating for close to about 20 years I’ve enjoyed every second I’ve been able to spend on my skateboard I love being able to see the smiles on kids faces when they are able to learn a new trick it reminds me of when I was first learning how to skate and it still excites me to this day when I landed a new trick because it brings me back. I do enjoy and also can teach all types of skateboarding whether it be Street vert Big Air anything as long as there’s Concrete and a skateboard im there I’ve had the pleasure to skate with the few big names in skateboarding in current-day one being Bastien Salabanzi he skates for sorry he also did skate in the First Street League but then again I’ve also also had the pleasure to skate with some of the amateurs which are most of my good friends one being Jeffrey Marshall he skates for skate Mafia Billabong Tampa Board Shop and Converse with all that being said it would bring me so much joy to be able be an influence in the life especially when it comes to skating of anyone is going away

Huntington Beach, CA, USA

I have such a passion for skateboarding,  i started my own skate company.  I love seeing the new generation of skaters every year some learn fast,  others take patience.  Skating is a mind game that i have learned to master!  You will learn to have fun while you progress.  Having friends who skate also boost your confidence and will keep you skating for the long run, so don`t hesitate to come out and learn from one of the best!

Houston, TX 77072, USA

Matthew Behre works as a machinist in Bergen County and pursues a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design at The Michael Graves College at Kean University.  Aside from working and going to school he enjoys designing furniture and creating art. Matt has enjoyed skateboarding since he started riding down hills in his neighborhood when he was 10 years old. As he grew older and matured as part of the work force, skateboarding became a way for him to find peace, stay healthy and reduce stress. He believes though a young sport historically, we will all see that skateboarding is a lifetime sport enjoyed by many well into there years of retirement.  Matt and his friends always pushed each other to try new tricks growing up–a practice that’s quieted down among them in the wake of their professional careers–which has left him with a collection of skateboarding experience that he’s amassed over 17 years in the sport and wishes to share with those eager to learn. “Thinking positively is always the way to move forward in anything I have ever learned; this method is reflected in the way I teach people how to skate.”, says Matt.  Along with his positive environment based method of instruction, Matt carries with him a want for each of his students to be able to progress to the point to which they no longer need instruction and can act creatively on the skills learned with him in their own way.  Ultimately he wishes for more people to feel the support and reward the sport has offered to him over the years.

Butler, NJ, United States