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I have given lessons before. I can teach all the basic technical tricks. I like old school tricks. A little bit of vert. Most advanced tricks i could teach would be grinding handrails.

Spring, TX 77381, USA

I’ve been skateboarding for 15 years,  I have skated contest’s and have been sponsored.  I have extra skateboards,  helmets,  skate pads,  and skate gear if needed.  Safety first.  I love teaching my skills to kids that have the same passion and love for the same things.  I’ve very patient and understanding,  I have great people and communication skills.

Conroe, TX 77385, USA

I have I taught my girlfriend how to skate and how to pop shuv it. I also give advice to friends when they are struggling with a trick or I motivate them by skating the same obstacle as them. I can teach Halfpipe tricks and how to ride them flat ground tricks and flatbar/ handrail grinds.

Spring, TX 77382, USA

yes i actually already train and have 2 clients. Self created. i can teach 360 flips 180 flips also in switch stance. nollie 360 flip hardflip nollie and fakie big spin heels laser flips.

Tomball, TX 77375, USA

Steven has been skating for more than 15 years and experience has taught him so much which he thinks of giving it back and passing his acquired skills with someone who has the same passion as he does. He can teach anything from basic tricks like dropping in kick turning and Ollie to advanced tricks like Kickflip, 360 fakie, bigspin lipslid, etc.

Tomball, TX 77375, USA

I have given impromptu lessons at skateparks. Some of the more advanced maneuvers I can teach are the Ollie Impossible 360 Flip Frontside and Backside Kickflips Bigger Flip Nollie Flips Lipslides Smith and Feeble Grinds All types of boardslide etc.

Spring, TX 77379, USA

Dylan looks forward to giving you professional lessons. He loves to teach friends & relatives for fun. He could teach basics and up to an ollie or a shove-it easily. He is a flexible skateboarder and can pretty much do any trick known. He is a certified skate instructor.

Spring, TX 77379, USA

Johnathan has not given paid lessons before but have spent time teaching at his local park. He can teach the following: switch tre nollie hardflip frontside flip. Grinds and slides as well- backside smith grind backside feeble grind frontside nose blunt. Mini ramp as well- blunt kickflip to fakie fakie pop switch blunt.

Houston, TX 77067, USA

I have taught random kids or people I skate with on how to do certain tricks…I can teach a wide variety of flips(forward flipscab flipsbigger flipshardflipsinward heelsetc.)different grinds..both basics and fun/technical(willy to 5-05-0 flip outover crookssmithssaladsetc.)tech slides(front board 270switch front board 270front board bigspinfront board flip outhalf cab board 270etc.)basic mini ramp tricks and some more tech related(half cab board 360 reverts)

Houston, TX 77070, USA

I’m a local skater from Houston…

Flip tricks
Basic grinds
And have locals come in for special tricks.

Teach by the numbers.

North Houston, TX 77064, USA