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  • I have skateboarded my whole life. Well, from roughly age 14 on. I got my first skateboard in maybe not the proudest moment of my life, but four boys walked into the local Bradlees with skateboards and five boys walked out with one. As, I said, not the proudest moment maybe, but it got me a board and I was off. Most of the early days of boarding were done in my best friend Stan’s parking lot. He built an early ramp in his nice incline driveway and we’d be pumping air off the coping with daily regularity. We moved on from there to our friend Jeff Smith’s side yard area, which was yes, big enough for a full on half pipe with 5 feet of flat bottom. We ripped that so much we smelled like wood to folks who came in contact with any of us. While we were skating this monster, we also frequented local skate parks like Zero Gravity and Wooden Wave that were cropping up as the sport built popularity. As I got older, I mostly just street skated all over our city of Boston.
    I married, have a boy and taught him how to skateboard. He does pretty well and was even taught to do a little kick turn, but hasn’t gone out in a bit and could likely do a heck of a lot more.
    Watertown, MA, USA
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  • Thomas has been on a board since he was a “young tadpole”, to quote Johnny Tsunami. He has over two decades of experience skateboarding and has taught many people of different ages, from beginner to advanced, how to better their skateboarding abilities. He loves to offer help to those in need and learn new tricks in order to keep his skill level up. Technical experience aside, Thomas is devoted and driven by his love of board sports and wants the opportunity to share his passion for boarding with his students.

    San Diego, CA, USA
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  • Dillon has been skateboarding on and off for over 15 years (ever since he was 7-8 years old) and has been consistent in practice since he was about 14 years old.  Dillon has probably fallen 50,000+ times throughout his skating career, and because of this he has discovered the most effective and efficient way to learn tricks faster than normal without getting injured in the process.  After failing to learn certain tricks over and over, he has been able to see and influence the consistencies that either slow down or accelerate the trick learning process.  Within his 15 years of experience, he has learned tricks such as; kickflip, 360 flip, heelflip, inward heelflip, hardflip, nollie flip, nollie heelflip, nollie inward heelflip, backside flip, impossible, switch frontside flip, and countless others.  With all of his experience, and his deep rooted passion for skateboarding, he can help you learn numerous amounts of tricks in less than half the time it would take to learn on your own.  He will also help you to develop a strong mindset that will benefit your skateboarding practice and your life as a whole.

    Punta Gorda, FL, USA
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    With 10+ years of skateboarding experience, I have successfully taught and skated alongside some of New York’s best street skaters. I love flip tricks and practicing specific balance skills such as manuals (nose manual being a personal favorite). I offer a well balanced understanding of the fundamental basics needed to begin intermediate practice.

    Skateboarding as an art can be frustrating if practiced without the proper goals in mind. As we complete the basics and begin our intermediate practice, you will often be met with skills of various difficulties. Obtaining any single one of these skills will require PATIENCE in ones self ability.
    Course includes:
    Basics- pushing,stopping,turning, ollie
    Intermediate Practice-flip tricks , transition (skating in a skate park).
    New York, NY, USA
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  • Travis started skating at 7 years old and has been hooked ever since. When he started skating there weren’t many skateparks, nor many places that allowed skateboarders. This left him to skating driveways and home made obstacles with his friends. In 2004, his home town of Fort Wayne, IN opening their very first state-of-the-art skatepark and this is where he could be found 6 out of 7 days a week. Now, after 23 years of skateboarding, not much has changed. Travis thrives when he’s able to help others learn how to skate, whether it be teaching his best friends a trick he himself is trying to master, or giving pointers to newbies at Forest Park in Noblesville. Whatever the case, Travis loves helping others and this is why he shares his passion with anyone who shows interested.

    Noblesville, IN, USA
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  • I grew up skating in Corona, CA in the early 2000’s. After graduating high school, I took a part-time job teaching skateboarding at an after-school program and loved watching everyones excitement when they landed their first trick.

    I can teach everything from flip tricks and grinds to quarterpipe tricks and grabs!
    I am currently located near Santana Skatepark(Corona) and Little Chino Skatepark(Chino Hills) but am also not far from Eastvale, Riverside, and Lake Elsinore.
    Corona, CA, USA
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  • I believe I would be a great instructor because I have many siblings that I am trying to teach currently to Skate and they are doing very well I have a lot of patience and I’m able to analyze what the actual issue is and help address it and fix and be able to perform better and have an enjoyable skate experience 🙂 I also live locally near a ski park it is very nice and open for all kinds of practices

    Azusa, CA, USA
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  • Trevor is a 25 year old male who is an avid skater of 20 years. Starting at the age of 5, he learned the fundamentals of skateboarding at a young age and began skating street around 12 years old up to the present day! Skating is his passion and he is skilled in handrails, ledges, manual pads, mini ramps, and quarter pipes. Teaching anyone of any age gives him a great sense of gratitude and accomplishment, he loves when his students learn their tricks! Trevor is dedicated to the progression of skateboarding including teaching skaters of all levels and ages! He would love to see skateboarding continue to thrive and exceed expectations, especially when it could be a student he taught  being the skater to influence the next generation of skaters!

    Hawthorne, CA, USA
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  • Quincy is a great skateboarder and has been skating for 18+ years. During his skateboarding career, he has competed in contests, traveled for skateboarding/skateboarding events, and has acquired sponsors along the way. It’s a passion of his and is always having fun and loves teaching people or giving out tips to whoever needs helps or just wants to learn. He is an exceptional teacher, he makes sure everyones safe, tricks are being learned, and always having fun. He used to teach every summer at Woodward Camp which is an action sports camp based in Pennsylvania packed with nothing but skating at 11 wonderful skate parks. He has all the knowledge to teach anyone. No matter the experience, he will give 100% attention, knowledge, and companionship to whoever he may be teaching. Skating is fun and should always be fun!

    Healdsburg, CA, USA
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  • I have been skating for ten years and I have six years of experience teaching skateboarding to people of all ages. These years of experience have produced countless insights into the best and safest way to help students achiever their skateboarding goals. I am patient, passionate, and understanding with all students regardless of skill level, and I am always happy to make special accommodations for any student. In all my years of teaching, I have never given up on helping a student, and this helps them to never give up on them self. Skateboarding has helped me gain confidence, physical fitness, a sense of identity, and brought me lots of fun, which are all important things I hope to bring to my students as well. I am very flexible, I am a great teacher, and I will work hard to help every student learn whatever they want on a skateboard. Whether it be just riding around, simple tricks, transition skating, street skating, advanced flat ground tricks, or anything you can think of. I would be delighted to help as many people as possible learn this amazing activity. Thank you,
    Long Island City, Queens, NY, USA
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