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Experienced Skateboard Instruction with over 25 years of skateboarding experience. Im great with the little kids and great with adults. I can break down instructions so that a student can learn the basics of safety, park rules, and having fun. I have two kids of my own, so I understand how a young person may act, and how to keep their attention by having fun. Also, letting the parents feel good about the students safety is super important.

Sugar Land, TX, 77459 United States

I Started skating when i was 10 and once i got my first skateboard its all i wanted to do im very passionate about skateboarding its a way of life to me it builds character and friendships all together  i have taught my younger brother and many friends and park locals how to skate and in the end we have a bond through skateboarding while skating i would love to be an instructor because skateboarding isn’t easy and can be very difficult i would be able to break it down and explain and demonstrate how to make it less difficult.

Houston, TX 77072, USA

I have such a passion for skateboarding,  i started my own skate company.  I love seeing the new generation of skaters every year some learn fast,  others take patience.  Skating is a mind game that i have learned to master!  You will learn to have fun while you progress.  Having friends who skate also boost your confidence and will keep you skating for the long run, so don`t hesitate to come out and learn from one of the best!

Houston, TX 77072, USA

No i have not ever given lessons

Richmond, TX 77469, USA

After skateboarding for several years, Taj understand the physics of skateboarding and all skateboarding maneuvers. He have a natural teaching ability and is very patient. His tricks that he is capable to teaching are: kick flip (regular fakie nollie and switch) heelflip (regular fakie nollie and switch) pop shuvs both ways (regular fakie nollie and switch) 360 shuvs both ways (regular fakie nollie and switch) 180 ollie(regular fakie nollie and switch) 360 ollie (fakie nollie) hardflip (regular fakie) inward heelflip (regular fakie) frontside flip (regular fakie) 360 flip (regular nollie)

Houston, TX 77085, USA

I have given lessons before. 360 Ollie 360 flip BS flip FS flip hardflip switch varial flips big flips

Richmond, TX 77469, USA

Eric’s apartment complex has a skate park, where he spends most of his time, and is ideal in doing beginner lessons. He would teach young kids around his neighborhood when he was growing up. Eric has known various tricks and is a certified skate instructor.

Houston, TX 77063, USA

Mike has taught a few people how to skate. Once they learn how to push/kick/Ollie and learn how to cruise around and just have fun with it, he believes that they teach themselves the tricks at their own pace. He enjoys teaching and watching people grow in doing what they love.

Houston, TX 77079, USA

Jimmy, a skateboard veteran of many years, enjoys teaching little kids how to do stuff when he is around at parks. He once taught his buddy, and now skates like a pro and as of the same level as he is. He takes pleasure in teaching and watching people grow in doing what they love.

Houston, TX 77025, USA

Patricio have been skating for over 10 years and is best on flat land… Ollies, flips, transistions, you name it…. he got it! He has a natural teaching ability and is very patient. Patricio plan to teach skaters to be consistent and comfortable through positive feedback constructive criticism and repetition.

Houston, TX 77084, USA