Nate J. From San Francisco

Date:August 4, 2016 2:58 pm

I have taught lessons in two skate shops: (Beyond Waves in Santa Fe NM and Concrete Skateshop in Durango CO). I had a business card reading: Nate Jackson Skateboard Instructor and would teach some the kids that shopped there as well as the cool local groms. It was kinda like babysitting for the younger kids but fantastic rewarding and fun with the more experienced kids. I love skating gaps slants banks ledges skateparks and weird city spots. the stranger the better. i can teach: (my favorite trick) clean smooth ollies kickflips heelflips backside heelflips pop shuv-its big spins tre-flips 180s nollies nollie 180s… ect. I also really like working on personal style. (That is once the kid has the basics down). i look forward to this opportunity. Thank you

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