Mitchell Y. From Austin

Date:August 4, 2016 3:05 pm

I have taught friends for years but nothing serious. i can do every basic trick there is in every stance i can flat ground 360 switch and regs and lazer flips big heel flips bigspin every stance 360 flip every stance but switch switch tres are hard heh. My grinds are decent but flip tricks and gaps are my best i really love skateboarding and would definitely love for it to be in my future not trying to become a pro i just love the sport and want it to surround my everyday life i can teach every basic trick cept hardflip tore my acl when i was younger and hardflips have been impossible for me to learn again since then but other than that i can do every trick you think of and i think this job would be perfect for me just give me the kids and i will show the ways of the force.

United States of America