Marco A. from Los Angeles, CA

Date:January 20, 2017 10:21 pm

Art has always been in my heart since day one. In Skateboarding, there are ways to express your own style through the way you choose to ride and the tricks you love to do.  That to me makes skateboarding an Art form.  Like any art form, skateboarding  can be taught and then expanded on creatively in limitless ways after the basic knowledge of the fundamentals are well grasped.  I believe in teaching skateboarding at a calm pace, gradually honing your skills and progressing through various forms of practice.  The same way an animator draws better and faster over time, the process of becoming a good skateboarder can be just the same if it is taught properly with good explanation and without cutting any corners.
One thing a lot of people don’t have when they want to pursue learning how to skate is a Mentor.  By teaching skateboarding, I can show my students that they don’t have to give up, and that they can keep pushing and progressing to reach their goals at their own comfortable pace.  With my 15+ years experience in street and park skating, I am well versed enough at explaining how to ride and do tricks while avoiding injury at the same time.  The last thing I want is my students getting hurt, so safety is always a first.
I am all about pursuing careers that involve doing something I love, and before I pursued a career in filmmaking, my first love was skateboarding.

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Your First Name: Marco
When Did You Start Skateboarding? (Approx.) 2002
What Will Students Get From a Course With You?

Students will learn how to ride with style and comfortably pull off their tricks.

What Types of Tricks and Skating Can You Teach

Flatground fundamentals
Sliding/Grinding fundamentals
Advanced lessons involving stairs/downrails/hubbas

Your Highest Level of Education: Some College
United States of America