Makayla A. From Los Angeles, CA

Date:March 11, 2018 2:04 am

Makayla is an overall passionate professional when it comes
to working with children. She has 10+ years of experience & training teaching things
from rock climbing, snowboarding and cheerleading. Learning through motion is
another passion of hers, especially with skateboarding. She has been skating
for over 10 years and loves not only the physical activity aspect but also the
attitude and lessons that come along with the sport. Being able to share the
passion of skateboarding, teaching the basics and growing the overall community
is something she highly values. Safety is always her number one focus, but who
says that can’t be fun to learn too!

Photos/Videos Of Makayla A. From Los Angeles, CA:

Your First Name: Makayla
When Did You Start Skateboarding? (Approx.) 2007
What Will Students Get From a Course With You?

-Safe Instruction
-Fun Games
-Trustworthy Teamwork
-Consistent Practice/ Coaching
-Confidence Build up

What Types of Tricks and Skating Can You Teach

-Basics (stance, kick & push, inclines)
-Transition (pumping in a bowl or ramp)
-Drop in

Your Highest Level of Education: Bachelors Degree
United States of America