David B. From Longmont

Date:August 4, 2016 2:58 pm

David have been an avid skateboarder and very involved in the skateboarding community in his area for 11 years now. He consider himself to be a very advanced skater who understands the sport at great depths. He is very well versed in many aspects that are involved in skateboarding. Since he begun skating when he was 12 years old. Skateboarding is his life. Once he got into college,he was lucky enough to get a job through local YMCA working in the teens department in a skateboarding department that his boss founded and brought up from nothing.6 years later, he still enjoy working and teaching the youth of boulder county skateboarding skills. Today,the program is thriving and often find themselves not having enough staff to support the large demand of skaters wanting to partake in their programs. The individuals that enroll and partake in their classes range from very beginners to advanced high school aged young adults not only seeking further advise on individual tricks and details with how to complete them but also with guidance in life lessons and moral guidance. He have logged over 3500 hours of paid work as a skateboard instructor working with the YMCA along with many other hours of certified child care. He is also certified in basic first aid and CPR. Also throughout high school, he volunteered with various skateboarding programs (before/after school programs community programs new skate park commodities ect.) all aimed to engage youth in skateboarding in a positive way. Because of his past experiences teaching only skateboarding,he consider himself to be one of the best skate instructors out there. After 6 years of coaching he have fine tuned his abilities to not only acknowledge different ability levels but also his ability to explain in a detailed way how to complete many difficult skateboarding maneuvers. Because a majority of their programs occur at their local skate park (Scott Carpenter Skate park Boulder Colorado) he feel very strong and well versed in his ability to coach beginner-advanced skaters in the skate park. From the basics of skate park requited and dropping in to learning how to fly over hips or getting the position of your feet for a 3 flip he have mastered the ability to connect with young skaters and help them learn.


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