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Sacramento, CA 95827, United States

Skateboard Lessons by Cliff B. From Sacramento

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I give lessons almost daily. I teach Wednesday’s and Sunday’s for my ministry. I have a 15&#***;30 shed with over 20 ramps and rails with a 5’h x16’w x 28′ overall mini ramp. I was flowed from REAL SKATEBOARDS in 92-94 and had 2 skateshop sponsors also. I fell into drugs and alchohol early in my carreer an am now 14 years clean and happy!! I lost my sponsors due to not fulfilling our contracts of demos and competitions. But now I’m back in the saddle with no restraints and having a blast teaching AND learning myself!! My trick range is that of parking block stalls and no-complies to pressure-flips and hard-flips. I really hope there is consideration of this application and if chosen this will be a huge huge lift for everybody!! Skateboarding has been my life and besides my 3 daughters 842 and my wife of 18yrs. Skateboarding is just a complete blessing that I’m honored to share with anyone who can stand on one!! Thank You God Bless!!!

Country United States of America
State/Province CA

The Details:

✓ No prior skate experience or training necessary
✓ Learn street skating, longboarding, vert or everything
✓1-on-1 private lessons 7 days a week for all ages—you could be a young Shawn White fan or the middle-aged father of one interested in reliving your school/college days or learning an exciting new weekend, holiday, retirement or family hobby.
✓ Customized learning plan—no set lessons structure, learn at your own pace

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Country United States of America
State/Province CA