Brandon O. from Los Angeles, CA

Date:June 2, 2022 12:49 am

Brandon is a fantastic human being and loves to live freely and serve others. He lives, breathes, and loves to skateboard. Through his kind and charismatic personality he makes for a great instructor for your future skaters to learn the fundamentals of skateboarding and more importantly the meaning of skateboarding. Being able to fall down and get back up again and never giving up when you’re hit with consistent failure believing you’re on the brisk of something amazing. Brandon has an advanced skillset in skateboarding and has been on a board since receiving his first complete deck at 9 years old on Christmas Day. He has a clear and concise way of putting into action how to do a certain trick and treats his clients with extra patience remembering how long it took for him to achieve the next level of each trick.

Brandon can teach all throughout Los Angeles County. From beginner all the way up to advanced lessons. He does street skating, skatepark training, and dropping in
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Your First Name: Brandon
When Did You Start Skateboarding? (Approx.) 2000
What Will Students Get From a Course With You?

new tricks, learned fast
Flip tricks
Shove its
Grinding the rail
Elevating your ollie
Nose grabs, melons, indys
How to ride and fall most importantly with ease

What Types of Tricks and Skating Can You Teach

Street skating, some vert
360 flips
varial kickflips
Pop shove it's
All grind tricks
Dropping in
Tic tacs
Nollie/Fakie variations

Your Highest Level of Education: Some College
United States of America