Adrian G From Phoenix, AZ

Date:December 18, 2018 11:00 pm

His name is Adrian G Hernandez. He’s 25 years old. He’s been skateboarding since he was 9 years of age, so he’s been skateboarding for 16 years. He loves what he does and he wants the youth to have the same great opportunity he did growing up. To be able to stay out of trouble, off the streets and to do something truly great. If skateboarding is right for you it does not have an age limit. you can be 2 years old or 70. Skateboarding gives everyone an opportunity. He’s a great instructor because he has the Experience AND Love for it. He’s am passionate about it. He can teach it In Phoenix, Mesa Tempe, Avondale, Glendale, Peoria Paradise Valley, All over the Valley. He can teach any age and any skill. He cant wait to hear from you. Lets Go Skate!!


Adrian G From Phoenix, AZAdrian G From Phoenix, AZAdrian G From Phoenix, AZ

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Your First Name: Adrian
When Did You Start Skateboarding? (Approx.) 2002
What Will Students Get From a Course With You?

Progression in skill . Lots of fun , gotta have pain to learn .

What Types of Tricks and Skating Can You Teach

All terrain. Street , Transition.

Your Highest Level of Education: Graduated High School

Jarritos Mexican Soda
Dilemma SkateBoards
Blackflys Eyewear
Gatorskins Ramps
Hardcore Wheels
CYC Clothing

Contest History Cowtowns PHXAM , Basic Pool Hunington Beach Vans Combi AM And Many more
United States of America