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The Slinger is a Midwestern diner specialty typically consisting of two eggs, hash browns, and a hamburger patty (or any other meat) all covered in chili (with or without beans) and generously topped with cheese (cheddar or American) and onions. The eggs can be any style. The Slinger is considered to be a St. Louis late-night culinary original. It is described as “a hometown culinary invention: a mishmash of meat, hash-fried potatoes, eggs, and chili, sided with your choice of ham, sausage, bacon, hamburger patties, or an entire T-bone steak.
There are numerous variations of the basic Slinger:
“Top One”: Has a tamale served on top of the Slinger.
“Vegetarian”: Uses veggie burgers and veggie chili.
“The Toby”: Slinger that has white gravy instead of chili.
“Yin and Yang”: Slinger covered in half chili/half gravy.
“The Jared”: Slinger with equal amounts of chili and white
“The JP Slinger”: Slinger with hamburger patty, extra onions and extra chili.

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