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Sebree is a city in Webster County, Kentucky, United States. The population was 1,558 at the 2000 census. In 1868, a town was founded by William Scott and Colonel E. G. Sebree of Trenton, Kentucky. The L & N Railroad was begun in 1850 but was not completed until after the American Civil War. The railroad divided the town nearly in half.
On the eastern side was the depot which was furnished with both a day and night operator. Telephone service was added to the town in 1895. Several tobacco factories made their home in Sebree also.
At one time, Sebree was home to some 40 businesses, hotels, shops and stores. The first church was erected in 1870 – Christian denomination. It was quickly followed by a Methodist, Catholic and Baptist churches.
The town was also home to Sebree Springs, a summer resort and park operated by G.L. Dial.
The historic Sebree Deposit Bank (c.1890) is still in operation with a refurbished interior including a marble floor. Another historic site in the area is the…

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