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North Lake is a reservoir located in Dallas,Texas (USA), 2 miles (3 km) southeast of Coppell. North Lake Park is on its southern side.
The lake area was once a large bowl-like valley, that was being used for farming. Construction on North Lake Dam began in 1956 and the dam was complete in August 1957. Many of the trees where the lake was to be buillt, were cut down, although a few small structures still exist. The reservoir was designed as a cooling reservoir for a Dallas Power and Light Company electric power plant. At that time, the City of Dallas, Texas annexed the land around the power plant and the lake.
In 1978, the lake began to be used for fishing as well. Fish did not survive well due to low nutrient levels, so in 1978 the Dallas Parks and Recreation Department began fertilizing the water and stocking it with bass. The City of Irving, Texas leased land south of the lake as a park in the 1980s and 1990s. North Lake Park was popular with jet ski and enthusiasts and provided a…

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