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Navan ( /ˈnævən/; Irish: an Uaimh, meaning “the cave”; etymology disputed) is the county town of County Meath in Ireland. It is one of the few places in the world to have a palindromic name (see list of palindromic places). National legislation was enacted in 1971 which set the town’s name as “Navan” in English. The population of the urban area of Navan was 3,166 in 2006. The population of the environs was 21,141 in the same year, giving a combined total of 24,851. The population of the town and its environs had increased by 28% since 2002. The current population as of the 2011 census is 28,559 making it the 5th largest town in the Republic of Ireland.
Navan is the county town or administrative capital of County Meath. Navan is also the name of a Local Electoral Area which includes the town and adjacent parts of the county with a total population of 38,891 in 2006.
Tara Mine, Europe’s largest lead and zinc mine is located in Navan. The town traditionally was famous for carpets (Navan…

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Navan, Ireland Skateboard Lessons

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  • What a New Skater Will Learn
  • How To Use The Board For Transportation
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  • Foot Placement
  • Learn How To Balance and How to Skate Ramps
  • Skate Park Etiquette
  • Safety Skills

  • Availability in Navan

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