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Morven is a city in Brooks County, Georgia, United States. It is part of the Valdosta, Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city was named after a mountain in Scotland. The population was 634 at the 2000 census.
Around 1750, Spanish missionaries arrived in this area. Morven is the oldest community in Brooks County. The Coffee Road was opened through Morven about 1823 and Sion Hall was one of the first settlers at this time seeing an opportunity to use his sawmill and to farm. Around 1826, Hamilton Sharpe built a log store nearby and opened a post office in 1828. In the same year a campground was established named Mount Zion. The Post Office was moved in 1853 and named Morven. The South Georgia Railroad was built through Morven in 1897. The community was incorporated in 1900. A second railroad (Valdosta/Morven & Western RR) came through Morven in the 1920s. An $8,000 bond was raised in 1923 to provide a Water Works System. Electric lights came in August 1924 due to efforts of a…

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