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Madeline is a children’s book series written by Ludwig Bemelmans, an Austrian-born American author. The books have been adapted into numerous formats, spawning telefilms, television series and a live action feature film. The adaptations are famous for having the closing line, first uttered by actress Ethel Barrymore in a play: “That’s all there is; there isn’t any more.” The first book in the series, Madeline, was published in 1939. It proved to be a success, and Bemelmans wrote many sequels to the original during the 1940s and 1950s. The series continues to this day, written by Bemelmans’ grandson John Bemelmans-Marciano.
The story takes place in a Catholic boarding school in Paris. Contrary to popular belief, the girls are not orphans. In the first book in the series, Madeline’s “papa” sends her a dollhouse when she is ill. Also, the girls all go to visit their parents in the Christmas book.
The books all start with the line “In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived…

Madeline CA Skateboard Lessons!

Improve Your Skateboarding in a Week-Long School

Skateboarding is a recreational activity, a work of art, or a method of transportation. Skateboarding has been shaped and influenced by many skateboarders throughout the years. A 2002 report by American Sports Data found there are 18.5 million skaters in the world. 85 percent of skaters…