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To kill, killing or to have killed means to cause the death of a living organism.
The act of killing an animal, plant, or other life form can be said to have occurred when an outside force, usually another life form, has done something to cause it to die. This may be a result of several actions:
A “K by protocol” in many areas when said by PD, Fire, or EMS means a death that meets certain protocols such that resuscitative efforts do not have to be made and would clearly be futile.

Kill Ireland Skateboard Lessons Skateboard Lessons!

Kill, Ireland Skateboard Lessons

You can learn skateboarding completetely in 2 weeks! This class has been tested on over 2,500 skateboarders over the past two years. We have taken the exact techniques from several Ireland’s pro athletes on what works in their training and put it in this course.