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Kells (from the Irish: Na Cealla) is a village in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, near Ballymena. The area encompasses Kells and the village of Connor (Ulster-Scots: Connyer) which are very close together and have a joint primary school, library, development association etc. It had a population of 1,745 people in the 2001 Census. It is within the Borough of Ballymena.
An old stone bridge crosses the Kells Water, separating Kells from the adjacent village of Connor.
There is much evidence, from written sources and archaeological material, that Connor (Irish: Con Doire: the oak wood of the wolf) was a sizeable, complex settlement in the Early Christian period, probably with monastic and secular elements coexisting. There was no monastic establishment at Connor in the Middle Ages, though there was an Augustinian community at Kells nearby. This Augustinian Abbey in the village was once the cathedral of the old diocese of Connor and Kells. Only one wall remains of the Abbey and this now…

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