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Jay Peak Resort is an American ski resort located on Jay Peak, outside the village of Jay in the town of Jay, Vermont in the Green Mountains. Its vertical drop of 2,153 feet (656 m) is the seventh largest in New England and the fifth largest in Vermont.
The resort is just 4 miles (6.5 km) south of the Canada–United States border, the province of Quebec. Jay Peak Resort is owned and operated by a group of investors headed by Bill Stenger.
In 2008 the property was valued by the town of Jay at slightly over $12 million.
Although Jay Peak bears the name and is mostly closely associated with the nearby town of Jay, the summit of Jay Peak as well as the Jet Triple Chair area and much of the Big Jay backcountry descent is located in Westfield, Vermont.
The ski trails were carved into the mountain during the 1950s primarily by its first ski school director/general manager, Walter Foeger, an Austrian and former racer who had previously trained the Spanish Olympic ski team. He arrived in 1956….

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