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Ivoryton is a small village in the town of Essex in the state of Connecticut in the United States. It was known for its production of pianos in the early 20th century and takes its name from the ivory industry that imported tusks. In the beginning combs, buttons, toothpicks, billiard balls, and other items were made in Ivoryton. Later they moved toward piano keys and eventually also made piano movements. There is not a single town, city, or place named Ivoryton anywhere else in the world.
At its height, 90% of the ivory in the United States went through Ivoryton. The Comstock and Cheney Company had a strong presence in the area, building two factories, a store, recreation hall, sports field, and housing complex in the area.
The oldest known historical document relating to Ivoryton is the 1880 document authorizing the building of a town post office.

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