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Dunmurry (from Irish: Dún Muirígh meaning “Murry’s stronghold”) is an urban townland, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Located between Belfast and Lisburn, it was once a rural village, but is now within the Greater Belfast conurbation. Dunmurry is also an electoral ward of Lisburn Council.
Until the end of the 18th century, Dunmurry was largely an agricultural area dominated by wealthy landowners. In 1817, work began on a new road from Belfast to Dublin through Finaghy and Dunmurry. This replaced the old turnpike road through Lambeg, which was linked to the village by what is now known as Upper Dunmurry Lane.
Throughout the 19th century, Dunmurry became known as one of the many ‘linen villages’ that were spread across Ulster as many of the local factories and mills were promoted by local entrepreneurs. It remained very much a village until the late 1920s, when developers became keen to seize the greenfield sites for overspill housing and for industry – a phenomenon which became…

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