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Drury is a rural town near Auckland, in northern New Zealand. Located 36 kilometres to the south of Auckland CBD, under authority of the Auckland Council. Drury lies at the southern border of the Auckland metropolitan area, 12 kilometres to the northeast of Pukekohe, close to the Papakura Channel, an arm of the Manukau Harbour.
Drury was formerly home to a military base. The population declined when this was closed. During the New Zealand land wars, Drury was the last place on the Great South Road where protection from Maori was provided. Maori used the Drury Hills to watch the Great South Road, and plan attacks from them.
During the major reformation of local government in 1989, Drury was included in the Auckland Region and made up the southern edge of the Papakura District, along with a certain extent of the eastern surrounding rural areas, previously known as Franklin County. Drury was until recently a relatively small semi-rural area nestling at the foot of the low-lying Bombay…

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