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Donabate (Irish: Domhnach Bat) is a small suburban coastal town in Ireland, about 20 km north-northeast of Dublin. The town is on a peninsula on Ireland’s east coast, between the Rogerstown Estuary to the north and Broadmeadow Estuary to the south. Donabate is in the administrative county of Fingal, within the traditional County Dublin.
The name of the area, Donabate, supposedly means “Fort of the ferry”, from Dún a’ Bháid, referring to an ancient church which is in the townsland of Ballymadrough, west of Donabate, near the Broadmeadow Estuary. Sadly, the true meaning has become lost in the mists of time.
The Donabate peninsula forms a distinctive hammer-head shape. This is because each of the mouths of both estuaries surrounding the peninsula are partially closed by large sand spits stretching north to south. The northern spit contains Portrane beach which almost touches Rush South Beach but for a narrow channel entering the Rogerstown esutary. A stretch of low limestone cliffs to…