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For the California town see: Coleville, California
Coleville is an oil and farming village in western Saskatchewan, Canada, namesake of the Coleville oilfields. The population consists of approximately 250 steady residents, swelling to 400 or more when the price of oil rises. The village is named for Malcolm Cole who became the community’s first postmaster in 1908. Coleville is located in the Rural Municipality of Oakdale No. 320, Saskatchewan, and is the only population centre in the municipality.
Coleville today has groceries, liquor vendor, a hotel, credit union, post office, and a library. In addition, Coleville maintains a skating rink and a two-sheet curling rink, and at nearby Laing’s Park—also referred to as the three-mile park, in reference to its distance from town—are several ball diamonds and a nine-hole golf course, complete with a pumpjack hazard which is not open anymore.
Coleville is located within the Sun West School Division. Children attend the Rossville School…

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