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Blackford is located in Perth and Kinross, Scotland, approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) from the town of Auchterarder. The town is located just off the A9 between Perth and Stirling. It is home to Highland Spring water and the Tullibardine whisky distillery.
Blackford was first known as a ford over the Allan Water. There is a legend that a King Magnus lost his wife Queen Helen in a storm and she is buried on a nearby hill.
Blackford became a popular stopping place especially when Scotland’s first public brewery was started. James VII of Scotland even stopped in Blackford while travelling to sample their ale.
The town was becoming more prosperous by the nineteenth century with manufacturing including two breweries and with a healthy agricultural sector based on wool and flax. The Scottish Central Railway built a line between Perth and Stirling with a station at Blackford in 1848.
Local manufacturing declined at the beginning of the 20th century with many people leaving the town. However,…

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