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Sergeant Bates is a fictional USMC non-commissioned officer played by Dean Marshall in television series Stargate Atlantis.First introduced in the two-part series premiere “Rising”, Bates is African-American and around 20-25 years of age.

Bates is a career military man who has demonstrated the abilities of thoroughness and extreme caution.A “by the book” NCO, he is highly suspicious of non-military persons and officers who don’t operate “by the book” themselves, a trait which often puts him into conflict with Maj. John Sheppard.

He has a younger brother, with whom he shares an interest in the sport of basketball and one of its teams, the Los Angeles Lakers.He is a fan of Lakers’ players Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant .

Bates was second-in-command of the USMC security forces under Colonel Marshall Sumner, and was among the 1st troops who arrived in Atlantis. When Rodney McKay determined that the city’s ZPM’s would soon run out of power, after which the shield protecting the…

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